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“If you’re interested in smart leadership, strategic thought and smart results, follow Irene Becker”  Professor Calestous Juma, Kennedy School, Harvard University

 “Irene is a nearly unstoppable force for the
Human Side of Business. Her 3Q and REACH models are nothing short of brilliant.” Ted Coine, Co-CEO Switch & Shift

“I feel privileged to have Irene as a coach and recommend her for 3Q Leadership and business development-brilliant!” Donya Germain, Director of Consumer Research ACCE International, Toronto

Is it time to go from Now to HOW? Recharge, refocus, repurpose your greatest potential? Welcome to 3Q Leadership™ Blog.  A blog celebrating our ability to optimize strengths while also using changes, challenges, stressors even failures to optimize and actualize our greatest potential.

A drop down menu on the title board will give you a selection of 3Q Edge™ leadership, communication, talent optimization, organization development and career posts…and a
selection of inspiring articles!  Enjoy the articles, may they inspire and champion you to build your 3Q Edge™ and realize your greatest potential!






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  1. Change Leadership

    Thanks for sharing the good ideas about the leadership & management. Its really interesting topic.

    1. Irene Becker

      You are very welcome. Delighted that you are enjoying the blog.

      Best, Irene

  2. Cindy Austin

    Yes I agree, you have some great ideas here! I have been working on getting a new HR system in place. Been reading HR You Can Use by Lori Kleiman, and its been a great help! Good stuff out there to work with!

    1. Irene Becker

      Hi Cindy: Thank you for your terrific feedback. My emphasis, my 3Q model/work is all around optimize people, talent and results in a VUCA world where volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity are the quid pro quo. Kudos on leading the integration of a new HR system. The ability, the imperative to have not only processes in place but vertical and horizontal communication and a people centric focus that transforms a process into a living, growing, evolving entity is critical.

      Delighted that you are finding great resources. Would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your new HR Initiative.

      Best, Irene

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