The Wisdom of and Power of Your Dreams

The Wisdom and Power of Your Dreams
Irene Becker


Take time to dream.  Why?  Because dreaming is the best vehicle I know for personal and economic growth. I would argue strongly that before you take pen in hand or palm pilot in hand and start charting out goals, or writing New Year’s resolutions that you consider the merits of letting your dreams precede your goals and plans.  Let me explain.

From a personal point of view, dreaming is a sojourn into emotional escape and release that allows us to dance with our inner wants and wishes and to also grow in self understanding and awareness. While we are used to paying for entertainment, we often forget that within our mind there is a native ability to entertain ourselves with our dreams.  Dreams can make life easier, nicer and more enjoyable as they provide a mental time out from the self imposed boundaries that we all construct to deal with the hectic pace of life.

We have moved from the Age of Information, to an Age of Innovation where ideas will become come the new currency of success. Ideas start in our mind, and the wellspring that fuels our ideas is our imagination. We can try to control or manage change, we can brainstorm with ferocity, but at the end of the day it is our ability to innovate, to stretch out of the comfort zone and the boundaries of what is that will determine our economic power.

As a society we face many problems and challenges.  The ability to create peace, liberty and justice for all rests in the hands of those and valiant men and women who have the courage to dream.  So many of us are starved for meaning and purpose in our lives. We turn to a return to universal and basic human values to restore a society that works, lives and thinks with hearts and minds aligned; but, we need more than a yearning to align life purpose with values and/or meaning.  We need a leap of thought and of creativity and will open doors for new solutions to new and old problems.  We need to start to open our heart and are minds by opening the doors to our dreams.

Understanding the importance of nurturing our ability to dream, both as a personal and emotional safety valve, and as an economic, organizational and societal necessity is so important.  Developing our imagination means learning to dance with our dreams.  It means learning to listen to the language of our inner voice.

The cycle of all life is one of constant birth, growth, death and renewal.  Our choices are clear. We can rely on models of business and life that speak to consumption, domination and control and risk ending up in a dead zone.  Or we can embrace our purpose and potential by starting to develop the ability to connect our heart, soul, and our values with our dreams.

If we are to truly embrace human capital as the currency of success we must nurture and cultivate creativity in the hearts and minds of our home place, social place and workplace. We must start to stretch out of the comfort zone by learning how to nurture and embrace our dreams and using them to create the wisdom, joy and innovation that we need in our life and our world.

© Irene Becker