Emotional Intelligence-EQ at Work Self Test

QUICK Test Your Emotional Intelligence/EQ-EI  At Work

_____1. Do you understand both your strengths and your weaknesses?
_____2. Can you be depended on to take care of every detail?
_____3. Are you comfortable with change and open to novel ideas?
_____4. Are you motivated by the satisfaction of meeting your own standards
of excellence?
_____5. Do you stay optimistic when things go wrong?
_____6. Can you see things from another person’s point of view and sense
what matters most to him or her?
_____7. Do you let clients’ needs determine how you serve them?
_____8. Do you enjoy helping colleagues develop their skills?
_____9. Can you read office politics accurately?
_____10. Are you able to find “win-win” solutions in negotiations and
_____11. Are you the kind of person other people want on a team?
_____12. Are you usually persuasive?

If you answered “yes” to six or more of these questions and if people who know you well would agree with you, then you have a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Source. Working With Emotional Intelligence, Bantam Books, New York, 1998.