A Great Team is the Sum of its Parts-Courageous Teambuilding Tips

A Great Team is the Sum of Its Parts
Courageous Team Building Tips

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How we act and communicate sets the course for success or difficulty with our team and colleagues. Leading my example is critical. The most effective members of a team are those individuals who can accept both their strengths and weaknesses; using both to develop proactive success strategies. Great team leading is a component of any successful business or enterprise.



Have you developed the Q skills that drive enhanced courage, communication, collaboration, engagement and leadership?
• How do you respond to problems and challenges?
• How do you influence others to your point of view?
• How do you respond to the pace of your work environment?
• How do you respond to the rules and procedures set by others?

What are the qualities of a successful team?
• Consistency of task performance.
• Using a disciplined approach.
• Critical appraisal of data.
• Agreement and engagement in the goals and objectives of the team.
• Great communication and rapport
• Calculation of risks before taking action.
• Encouraging questions and honest feedback.
• Exhibiting patience and good listening skills.
• Adherence to established guidelines and procedures.
• Establishing a quality oriented work model
• Using care-frontation and not confrontation

What are the qualities of a good team player?
• Good at reconciling factions
• Accurate and intuitive.
• Conscientious and steady.
• Dependable team player.
• Service-oriented.
• Proficient and skilled in his/her work.
• People-oriented.
• Always concerned about quality work. and the ongoing development of communication and rapport.
• People-oriented.

What are the team effectiveness strengths we need to build or enhance?
• STRENGTH – Dedication to the goals and objectives of the team.
• STRENGTH – Effective communication and leadership skills
• STRENGTH –  Being a better listener and remaining calmer during conflict
• STRENGTH –  Focus, resiliency, tenacity
• STRENGTH –  Loyalty and patience
• STRENGTH – Empathy, people orientation

Ready to lead by example?
Become a goodness to greatness leader who can link your own vision for success, build a shared purpose, and a sense of ownership for your course of action.  Effective leadership is about creating an ethical work environment, putting the common good first. You will be able to create a work environment that motivates others to work harder with even greater commitment.

Do you want to build a high retention culture?
Money and perks bring employees through the front door, but a poor work environment makes them run out the back door. Develop a high retention culture before the war for talent adds heat to an already challenging workplace.

Will you become an agent for positive change?
Success will be largely determined by your ability to eliminate status quo, manage change, and stay innovative. Help members of your team and your staff reach elevated levels of productivity, help them build the Q skills that lead to greater job satisfaction, motivation, and fun at work.

Do you want to create an energizing work environment?
Learn what it takes to get high performance from your fellow team members and staff. Find ways to communicate praise for achievement and new ideas on an ongoing basis. Find innovative ways to put the fun factor back in your workplace; the fun factor is important for engagement and also for helping your staff optimize their brain power. Make your place the best place to work and let this energy spread from the staff to your clients!

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