The Pause-3 Minute Exercise-Simple, Powerful, Transformative

“THE PAUSE”- A simple exercise that is accomplished in 3 minutes
 Powerful, Simple, Transformative Exercise in Mindfulness and Stress Relief

Why Develop Mindfulness?    Longitudinal studies confirm that mindfulness practices, and in particular, regular meditation  enhances cognition, ideation, focus, creativity, health and longevity.  Meditation, like prayer and parts of the sleep cycle puts our brain in an alpha state; a state where creativity and our spiritual connection abound. Meditation helps us move away from the chaos and negativity surrounding us by touching a place where we can reconnect with our highest power and the beauty of our inner child….a formidable combination! How can we access the self love and self acceptance that we need? How can we move away from the chaos and negativity that surrounds us?  How can we find the child within who can be present in the moment, who can access joy effortlessly?  How can we drown out the must dos, should dos and have to dos of our life and just be present with our mind, body and soul? Accessing our joy, our loving truth-our genius,  starts with one simple step…the pause.  It starts with moments of silence, moments of pause when we stop, reflect and connect with spirit, with our inner voice.

INSTRUCTIONS:   You can do ” The Pause”  anywhere you have privacy in a mere 3 minutes. Sit down, keep your back straight, put your feed on the floor and your palms upwards in your lap.Start by being utterly still; just breathe deeply and be with yourself.   Relax, and breathe with your diaphragm, breath deeply. Shut your eyes and count to 7 slowly as you breathe in.  Then count to 10 slowly as you exhale through your nose.   Concentrate only on your breath, and when thoughts come into your mind just gently push them away and concentrate again on your breathing.  Feel your breath, focus on your breath.  Count 7 as you inhale, count to 10 as you exhale.  If thoughts come into your mind, just push them away as you would move an item on your computer screen.  Focus ONLY on the sensation of your breath. Many people also find it helpful to think about exhaling negativity and inhaling a golden replenishing light.

Schedule a 3 minute pause in your schedule. Try it consistently 3 X a day for a week.    When we are still, when we pause it is possible to cast aside problems, worries, responsibilities and just enjoy the flow of our breath deeply and slowly and just be still with our soul.  We can pause and reclaim our center, reclaim our joy, reclaim our connection with our highest power.  Every pause is restorative and powerful.  Every pause is an important exercise in mindfulness.  If the exercise feels strange at first continue to practice three times a day for three minutes.

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