3Q Leadership Benefits AND Why I Have Dedicated My Life To This Work

3Q Leadership Benefits AND Why I Have Dedicated My Life To This Work

What is The 3Q Edge?  Why Is It Important? What Can It Do For YOU/YOUR Organization? Why Am I Determined to Help?  Read this post and find out!

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“If you’re interested in smart leadership, strategic thought and smart results, follow Irene Becker”  Professor Calestous Juma, Harvard University, Boston, USA

What is the 3Q Edge?
Q1: IQ- Enhanced  focus, strategic thought, improved decision making and ability to learn-relearn   Q2: EQ- Emotional self management, relationship management, communication, resiliency  Q3: SQ- Values, purpose, integrity of thought and action.

What is REACH?  A coaching, training and mentoring model that builds 3Q strengths by helping people use strengths, changes, challenges (even failures) to
R: Redirect focus
E: Empower confidence and engagement
A: Actualize potential
C: Communicate Effectively
H: Harvest Results


3Q Leadership and R-E-A-C-H are coaching and training models that use both strengths AND changes/challenges/stressors to optimize potential.  Models I developed after a 20+ year career that encompasses being the first woman CEO of a steel company in Canada, working in the USA, France, England and with clients across the globe.  It also reflects some incredibly challenging career and life events that took me from the mountain of success to starting again from ground zero.

Just teach it. Just learn it. Just be the best.  Just Coach It-Irene Becker makes us all smarter and better.  John Nosta, Top Health and Technology Innovator 

Why is the 3Q Edge Important?  
Because the imperative to not simply play to strengths, but to use changes, challenges, stressors, even failures to optimize our potential is critical. (Potential that is reflected in whole brain thinking, enhanced ability to learn-relearn, improved strategic thinking, improved ability to take decisions, emotional intelligence,  risk tolerance, resiliency, improved communication, collaboration, teamwork, engagement and purpose) Leadership means building a community of purpose!  A community that innovate, collaborate and actualize potential.

“I heard Irene speak at the PMI Symposium. Her knowledge and passion on the subject of 3Q Edge and how it is key to business success was evident. She even got 300 PMPs to roar at the end of her Keynote…Fabulous!”  Adriana Girdler, PMP, President, Cornerstone Dynamics


What Can It Do For YOU/YOUR Team? Here Are 7 Practical, Powerful Results:

  1. Build Empowerment and Engagement: Help leaders and senior managers develop a greater ability to empower, engage and inspire themselves and others in the face of change, challenges, competition, complexity.
  2. Deliver Inspiring Communication For Reach, Resonance, Results : Help you build inspiring communication; sound bytes and word bytes that resonate with diverse internal and external audiences
  3. Create A Better, More Engaged Workplace Environment: Help you build what is recognized as a critical leadership and life competency, higher EQ/EI as well as assisting you in building two other critical Q Skills IQ + SQ
  4. Improve coaching and training results (personal development, leadership development, business development, organizational development)  with programs and services that are built to last because they are founded on using not only strengths but changes and challenges to fuel and sustain human purpose, potential and results.
  5. Help YOU or team members negotiate a career transition faster and better.  Career transition has typically represented about 20% of my work.  Helping senior managers, professionals, executives achieve results is something I do well on an individual and group basis.
  6. Provide Coaching, Training and Consulting When And Where You Need It.  Yes, Just Coach It 3Q Programs and Services range from one-off sessions, consulting, training, coaching programs, assessments-debriefs action plans to workshops, webinars that come to YOU/YOUR team when and were you need them face to face, by telephone, skype or video conferencing
  7. Inspire Your Team With Keynotes and Articles That Also Provide Practical Tips and Solutions.“You could never find a better advocate for yourself. It is difficult to imagine how there could be anywhere in the world a better success coach than Irene Becker. She is worth 14 therapists, and yet is not a therapist. She deals with your own raw talent and helps you focus it in the direction where it will be maximally effective.” Richard Rotman, Professor of Media Relations, Humber College, Founder, PR Writer Extraordinaire, Toronto, Canada

Purpose = Profit on a multiplicity of levels.  Our ability to rise to the challenges before us means developing a mindset and skill set that takes us forward in ways that help us evolve and grow. A mindset and skill set that helps us build communities of purpose that thrive at the speed of change.  A mindset that helps us build and grow our 3Q Edge™

Why Am I Determined To Help?
Because I walk my talk. 3Q and R-E-A-C-H are more than coaching and training models, they are my life’s work.  I believe in their ability to help smart, fast forward thinking people and organizations communicate and lead forward at a speed of change, challenges, complexity and opportunities that will only continue to accelerate.  I am determined to help take 3Q and R-E-A-C-H to as many people and organizations as possible because my goal is rooted in a commitment, a desire to serving the greatest good by helping change-makers lead change. Read my personal story, Against All Odds-the genesis of my 3Q Model

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