From No to GO! Optimizing Potential, Results & Well-being At The Speed Of Change

From No To GO!  Optimizing Potential, Results and Well-being At The Speed Of Change (Including 26 bonus links, two videos and a list of great books)

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This post is part three of a five-part series on Success At The Speed Of Change; success in a new non-linear eco-system where best practices are made in the now, and our ability to empower, enable and actualize human potential is critical. Stay tuned for Parts 4 and 5 in this series; The Purpose Equation and The Leadership Equation.

From No to Go-Success At The Speed Of ChangeThe past two installments, The Ladder To Success Is Gone:  Insights On Succeeding Without It and Words Make World: Opening The Door To A Better Present And Future  set the background for a whole new world, workplace and market place where being smart and fast are no longer enough.  The imperative to build the Q skills that can take us forward is critical, because the velocity of change, challenges, competition and opportunities will continue to accelerate. Today’s topic is going from No to GO

Are YOU ready to move from NO to GO? Do you want to be a hostage of default patterns that do not optimize your potential/the potential of your team members? Is it time to find new ways, better ways to learn/relearn, communicate, collaborate and lead that take you/your team members forward smarter, faster and happier?

How important is recognizing the negative default and resetting the individual and organizational GPS from no to GO?  It may be one of the most critical enablers of our potential to survive and thrive in a non-linear eco system where best practices and made in the now, and the changes, challenges, competition and opportunities.

Here are ten simple, practical and powerful ways to start moving from NO to GO!  Ten ways to reset default patterns that perpetuate reaction vs response, stasis vs growth, slipping into reverse vs optimizing potential.

1.  Focus Forward.  Neuroscientists now believe that our brain only selects what is important to us for storage in our conscious or subconscious.  Yes, what you FOCUS on GROWS! Start your day the right way.  Get happy.  Yes, the way you start your day will infiltrate what you perceive, how you think, communicate all day long. Develop a quick, practical toolbox of simple things that can help you get happy, even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

2. Set Your Intention. Setting daily goals is great, but you must also set your intention for the day.  Go ahead, set your personal intention and empower your team to also set an intention for their week, their day.  Making intentionality a regular success step and habit.

3. Build Resiliency and Divergent Thinking.  Start building“Constructive Discontent”.  Constructive discontent?  Yes, a core 3Q competency that will help you deal with discontent and stressors more effectively and see solutions you may have otherwise missed.  Caveat, building constructive discontent is a must have in your communication, relationship building and conflict management toolkit. Read this post for practical steps/tips on building Constructive Discontent

4.  Enhance Creativity, Innovation and Resiliency. Change a routine, a pattern at least once a day.  The pattern or routine you change, can be as small as brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand.  Find something to do differently every day. Take a one or two minute stretch out of the comfort zone.

5. Turn Negativity Around.  Re-empower and increase your ability to see solutions amid problems/challenges.  Reset default patterns by making a focused effort to seek out and find the positive.  Remember, most of us have an automatic negative default, learning to see the positive is important. It does not mean walking around with rosy glasses, but it does mean using your mind to search for positivity, because in so doing you will start to look for solutions.

6. Optimize your potential, enhance productivity, decrease toxic stress and negativity by scheduling blank time, alpha time and fun time into your day.  Yes, put them in your calendar.  Take a 5-10 minute break every 90 minutes for just blank time, take a 2 minute break three times a day to develop mindfulness and recharge by putting your brain in an alpha state AND make sure that fun time, laughter time is part of your daily routine.

7.  Find new ways, better ways to organize and optimize your time.  I am particularly fond of the Eisenhower graph, as are my clients. Find a way to organize and prioritize your time and let go of micro managing or being focused on details that may be irrelevant so that you can focus forward.

8.  Fail forward by using perceived failures as positive linchpins that can help you optimize your ability to learn-relearn, adapt and excel. Try it!  Here are some practical insights and tips

9.  Exercise your mind, body and spirit every day.  Do something physical, enjoy a puzzle or challenges that stretches your brain power, develop a routine that puts you in touch with your highest power and builds your SQ.

10. Build essential strengths for success at the speed of change; strengths that will help you lead and communicate forward smarter, faster and happier!  Start using strengths, changes, challenges, stressors, even failures to optimize your potential; potential to build your 3Q Edge™

Q1-IQ (intelligence-focus-strategic thought-ability to learn-relearn)

Q2-EQ (emotional mastery-self management-relationship management-risk tolerance/resiliency, communication)

Q3-SQ (values alignment/positive purpose, integrity of thought communication and action)

Practical, powerful steps?
  Yes!  And, if you go through the list  and pick one to try each week, and do so consistently you will see an optimization of your potential, your attitude and results that will help you reset default patterns and optimize your ability to move from No to GO in a positive, purposeful, powerful way!

Stay Tuned for Parts 4 and 5 in this series: 
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