Evolve Or Devolve: Manage Performance OR Optimize It?

Evolve or Devolve?
Manage Performance OR Optimize It?
Stay Stuck In The Past OR Build A Better Future?
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Dateline 2013:  Evolve or devolve!  The times are a changing, and the faster they change the more critical it comes to adopt new ways of seeing the challenges before us.  Ways that can help us, make the critical shift from Now to HOW.  A shift that means resetting default patterns of thinking and doing in order to not simply manage performance, but to optimize it.

Will your organization be insidiously eroded by disengagement, communication and collaboration challenges, inability to ideate, innovate and actualize new solutions that impact organizational development, management, leadership development, sales and business development?

Is it time to take a new look at getting up to speed by championing your ability to evolve forward?  A new look at raising the bar, championing the ability to empower, enable and actualize potential?  Will you grab the gauntlet and start optimizing performance rather than managing it?

What’s the big deal? Why is performance optimization critical?  Because a focus on post WW2 management, an optic of putting round pegs in round holes the same way we did it before will ultimately endanger the power of your people, the power of your employees to learn and relearn faster, develop better ways of transforming problems into solutions; ways that drive engagement, empowerment, innovation, communication and collaboration are REAL and CRITICAL.

Performance Optimization Means Changing Your Playbook in ways that take YOU forward faster, more creatively, smarter…and happier at a speed of change, challenges and opportunities that will continue to accelerate.  Ways that involve, engage, enable human purpose, potential and the actualization of improved communication and collaboration.  Ways that use what is to create what can be in your workplace, your management, your leadership~ways that help you build YOUR 3Q Edge™.

Here are Four Practical Steps!

Step One:  Get in touch with the fact that what worked in the past will not take you forward in the present or future.  Managing talent is not enough.  Optimizing talent means seeing your strengths and challenges with new eyes; eyes that take you forward faster, smarter…and yes, happier!  Neuroscience confirms that priming our brain to be happy and positive is critical to ideation.

Step Two:   Build YOUR 3Q Edge™-Start learning to use strengths and challenges, changes, stressors (and failures) to build three essential strengths:

Q1: Enhanced focus, ideation, ability to learn-relearn
Q2: Emotional Intelligence-Resiliency-Communication, Risk Tolerance
Q3:  Integrity, Values, Purpose-Critical Intrinsic Motivators Driving True Leadership.

Step Three:  Build Best Practices in the NOW.  Start developing and growing your ability to REACH™, reset the individual and organizational GPS from NOW to HOW by using a REACH™ focus to build your 3Q Edge™

Redirect focus
mpower confidence and engagement
ctualize leadership potential
ommunicate effectively (socially, digitally, cross-generationally)
arvest results

The choice is clear, the choice is critical.  Build a NEW performance optimization playbook.  You can continue to develop great systems (critical) while using the same training/coaching/learning styles that worked in the past and will become increasingly impotent in the present and future OR YOU can change the performance playbook by optimizing performance rather than simply managing it.  You can raise the bar, or wait for the next ax to fall, the next wave of competition, employee disengagement and the silent attrition of innovation, commitment, potential to creep through every nook and crevice of your organization.

Evolve or Devolve?  Manage performance or optimize it? Stay stuck in the past or build a better future?  There is no time like the present to champion your ability to build a new Performance Optimization Playbook.  What does it look like? Stay tuned for my next article, Building YOUR 3Q Performance Optimization Playbook ™

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