The Power Of YOUR Story


The Power of YOUR Story
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The stories we tell ourselves become our worlds.  Perspective is everything, consciousness drives our ability to evolve or devolve; and the desire to make sense of our personal story is something a task that our brain is hard-wired to perform.

The power of YOUR story must be mined because its power lies not in what you have accomplished or not accomplished, but  in the pivot points, the accomplishments that touch your heart, the wins that are milestone markers AND moments of challenge that (if properly used) can help you develop a new sense of self, a better view of your own potential.

From birth to death, the power of our own personal story follows us, and it’s ability to inspire our best self, our best work and help us build our best life is as real as it’s power to create disempowerment, underachievement, overachievement at any cost.

What is YOUR story?  How will you look upon your journey with eyes that will help you see your strengths with greater clarity, and use challenges, failures as a lever for your greatest potential? Q1: improved focus, ideation, innovative thought  Q2: improved resiliency, risk tolerance, empowerment, communication, collaboration  Q3: enhancement of the intrinsic motivators, the timeless values that drive sustainability-courage, integrity, purpose

The power of your story, is the fire that can light the power of your greatest potential.  Your ability to see your story with new eyes, eyes that build on three Q skills starts with your desire to look at your story and the story of others with eyes that search a meaning and purpose that aligns with the courage, integrity, purpose, humanity required to take us all forward as one people sharing one planet. In a world of constant change, challenges, competition; at a time of titanic paradox where our ability to develop technological, scientific advances that are REMARKABLE remain dimmed by social, economic, environmental, organizational problems...Your story, my story, our stories and the way we choose to see them can either enhance our reduce our ability to build better lives, better organizations and contribute to a better world.

Two years ago, I was challenged by the author of one of my favorite leadership books (Serve To Lead) James Strock to write my story.  It was a challenge that scared me, it was a challenge that took me weeks to accomplish.  And, it is a challenge I am grateful for because it not only helped open my eyes, and hopefully inspire others, but it became a great lesson in listening to the stories of others without judgment, without bias, with a simple focus on finding their “inner awesome”.  And, it became a story, and a great relationship with a great man who inspired me to write my forthcoming book; I Will Not Be Broken-The Call To Build A Better Future

What is your story?  How will you use it to empower your greatest potential?  How will you listen to the stories of those you lead, work for, befriend and love?  The challenge to see our own stories with new eyes and hear the stories of others with new ears calls to us all!  The call to build new ways of thinking, new ways of listening that take us forward is upon us!  Answering this call is a powerful step forward.

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