A Gentle/Important Rant: Surviving and Thriving

A Gentle/Important Rant: Surviving and Thriving
Optimizing Our Individual and Collective Potential
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A Gentle Rant


I did not start out the day expecting to write a rant. Firstly, I am not a ranter, but I  believe this topic merits a gentle rant because the way forward is different; it will not look like or be like what we have experienced in the past.


The way forward will be negotiated by those  who have the courage to lead forward around dark corners, where best practices are made in the now and evidence based knowledge may not be enough. The way forward demands a vertical and horizontal alignment of minds, purpose and potential; the development of communities of purpose that cross internal and external boundaries in new ways that expand our intellectual and emotional bandwidth.


1.  Three “silos” limit our individual and collective potential. 

Recognizing them and breaking through them is the way forward. There are iconoclasts among us who will say that they live at the edge of creativity and that they are not in their comfort zone.  Think again.  We all rest, sojourn and linger in our individual and collective comfort zones, the imperative to see them and break through them has never been greater.

Intellectual silos that champion the brilliant ideas and thoughts of members of an elite club, and do not translate complexity into simple, powerful ideas that will be actualized by other than peers, cannot truly inspire and drive positive change.  Unpacking the knowledge is critical and it means stepping out of the silo!

Organizational silos that impede vertical and horizontal communication, collaboration, empowerment and engagement will limit and/or erode the strongest and biggest corporations among us.  New ways of breaking through barriers, of developing vertical and horizontal communities of purpose must be championed and realized.

Personal silos
, adherence to strategies, beliefs, ideas that worked well in the past are the most insidious form of self-sabotage; sabotage that limits our incredible power to learn/relearn, optimize potential, actualize results…our ability to re-write neural pathways, re-set default patterns that no longer work.

The desire to create value is what drives innovation.  Competitive differentiation and success are about delivering this value.  Delivering this value means taking a bold, positive step out of  your comfort zone/silo; a step that will expand your ability to learn/relearn, empathize, collaborate and innovate!


2. Growth does not occur in a vacuum. 

Shuffle Your Deck.  Mix it UP! Change your environment.  Get out of your peer group, inject new and different blood into your arena.  Break through a silo!  I do it every day, I push myself to do it everyday  because I am passionate about building three essential strengths (3Q Edge™) that GROW at the speed of change, challenges and ambiguity, I am passionate about our individual and collective potential to learn-relearn, communicate, collaborate and LEAD forward faster and better than ever before.


3. Stop Taking Selfies-Start Empowering and Enabling Others

Empowering the potential of others is at best one of the noblest things you can do, at worst it is enlightened self interest that serves our individual and collective ability to survive and thrive. What does it take to notice the great work or talent of another person?  What does it take to reach out and help someone else grow, evolve?  It can take a lot of time OR it can take a few minutes a day.  In just a few minutes a day you can notice and applaud great work, and in so doing you are championing the potential of another human being; you are lighting a fire that will hopefully inspire them forward.  Why is this important?

Anything else?  YOU Betcha. The Best!
In 20 minutes a day YOU can take your potential and the potential of others forward in ways you perhaps never imagined

Will you get sidetracked by busyness, stressors and the myriad of challenges you face each hour, each day, each week?  Of course!  Change this pattern by taking five minute breaks every 90 minutes for down time; time when you do not think, do not stress.  Time when you just get into a personal zone of peace.  Try it.  If you continue to try it, you will be able to do it.  Identify an entrenched habit of thinking or communicating that NO LONGER WORKS, and find a small way to change it (then repeat this small step in a different way for the next 7 days).  Once a day, take a few minutes to connect/ learn from someone outside your silo and another few minutes to recognize or champion the work of another. Yes, in less than 20 minutes a day you can take simple powerful steps that will help you optimize your potential and the potential of others. Carpe diem!

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