Five Truths and Business Development Best Practices

Cheat Sheet:  Business Development | A 3Q Perspective
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The imperative to hone your ability to communicate and sell your ideas, your products, your services/organization is more than the litmus test of sales people and those involved in business development.  We are living in a whole new world and marketplace where the ability to communicate and get buy in is critical.

Here are some business development truths and best practices for people who want to improve results by building their 3Q Edge™ as it relates to sales and business development:  Q1) Improved focus, creative and strategic thinking    Q2) Emotional mastery, relationship building, communication influence/buy-in   Q3)  Integrity of purpose, communication and execution.

Truth #1:     It is all about THEM.  

Best Practice #1: Refocus.  ASK Questions that demonstrate your interest and allow the prospect to talk about the challenges YOU will then demonstrate you can

Truth # 2:  Good business is built on trust; trust is built by developing good relationships.

Best Practice #2: Empower your confidence, so you can empower their confidence and engage them in a win-win relationship.

Truth # 3:  Focus on benefits, not features. Your prospect does not want to hear how great you are, they want to know that you care, understand and can solve their problem/pain point.

Best Practice #3:  Communicate Effectively. Learn how to open the ears of your prospect; speak their language and make sure they understand your message and your commitment to helping them solve their challenges.

Truth # 4:   You cannot light a fire with wet wood.  Emotional buy-in is critical.  Demonstrate that you understand and care before you back up how you can help solve their challenges with facts/logic/ data.

Best practice #4:  Hone your ability to understand, empathize and connect with your prospect. Great salesmanship is demands emotional intelligence.

Truth # 5:  Success means creating value for others; a 3Q equation that demands

Q1)   Focus, strategic and creative thinking

Q2)  Emotional intelligence, communication skills

Q3)  Integrity of purpose, communication and execution

Best Practice #5:   Harvest your best results by having:

1.      A goal.

2.  A commitment to listen, observe, understand and meet the needs of others.

3.   A process to prospect, monitor and follow up.

Business development is a 3Q Equation that can be achieved with REACH™-5 simple, powerful steps that form the basis for 3Q coaching, and can help you adapt, grow and build new skills and strengths!

Redirect focus (prime your brain for success)
Empower confidence (build engagement)
Communicate Effectively (trust and rapport)
Actualize (sales + relationship potential)
Harvest Results (and re-harvest)

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