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Take Back Your Greatest PowerStatistics confirm that if your potential, your purpose, your happiness, and health are not at risk, someone you know, work for, lead or love is in danger. What we are doing is NOT working. American corporations spend in excess of $10 billion a year on executive stress and $300 billion a year on workplace stress related problems and ailments. The World Health Organization forecasts that stress will be the biggest cause of physical disability in the world by 2030, and depression the most prevalent illness by 2020YOUR greatest power lies not in what you have but in who YOU can be.

Recharge, refocus and repower by focusing on what counts!

More is less and small is the new big. Less stress and less focus on what does not really count-greater peace of mind, happiness and success, little important steps forward align with exceptional results that help you transform a challenge into an asset and problems into solutions.

Science confirms that YOU are extraordinary-YES YOU. The reality and power of neuroplasticity (your ability to re-write default patterns thinking, communicating and doing) is real and it may be the greatest untapped resource you have. Yes, YOU have the power to use what is to create what CAN be.

Get inspired by what YOU can do, how much better you can feel and how much faster you can to the challenges before you in ways that will inspire and grow your potential, engage your purpose. YOU have the power to BE one with yourself and what YOU were meant to do and contribute. The greatest opportunity, the greatest power you have is the power within. Feel it, grow it and use it to learn, lead and communicate forward.

Take Back Your Greatest PowerYOU have the power to rise to the challenges before you in ways that inspire you, ways that compel you to realize you CAN make a positive difference, you can be part of a better present and future.

YOU are standing, we are all standing on a glass cliff facing a collision course with disaster, a decent into the decline of everything we value or the greatest renaissance humankind has ever realized. Embrace your ability to think, communicate and execute in new ways that build cognitive and emotional dexterity (IQ + EQ) while growing and anchoring that which can never be cast asunder, the spiritual capacity (SQ), the humanity and integrity that is our greatest hope for a better future. Recognize your ability to develop a new perspective that can take you forward faster, stronger and better than before.

Take back your greatest power. Don’t follow the herd, follow your head, heart, and soul because they are calling to you, and if you listen you will hear them. That which does not serve the greatest good will ultimately perish. Build your 3Q Edge, develop three critical strengths YOU can grow at the speed of change and challenges because change is not the problem, it is the answer and desire is the fuel that can kindle your greatest power.

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