Monday Motivation: Success school with Evan Carmichael

Getting inspired may be the MOST important thing you do today and here’s the proof.  The World Health Organization forecasts that depression and anxiety will be the leading causes of disability in the world by 2020, the power and urgency of becoming the change you seek, the imperative to build a new currency of success that speaks to the quality of our lives, our work, our collaboration and positive potential has never been greater.

Meet Evan Carmichael; a real-life success story who has been described as a “rockstar”.  Evan is an accomplished, successful, inspiring individual with a greater purpose that continues to impact the lives of millions. Click for Evan’s Wikipedia page.

Recognized by  Forbes  and  Inc. as one of the world’s top social media experts and leadership speakers, Evan believes that entrepreneurs can change the world. His belief has helped him embrace a passion for the possible and a litany of achievements that are inspiring:

-Founded a successful biotech company at age 19
-Become a top entrepreneurship expert before graduating from university
-Worked as a venture capitalist, ultimately founding one of the top consultancies, Evan Michael Communications Group for entrepreneurs and small businesses.|
-Wrote a must-read life and business leadership book, YOUR One Word. Evan’s one word is #believe.  Read the book and discover YOUR one word.

– Achieved global celebrity with a YOUTube following of over 936,000 people.

Believe that what you’re doing is right. Follow your passion. Do it because you’re meant to do it. Do it to do it, not just to make money.

Believe that you can achieve it. Have the confidence to know that whether you think you can or can’t achieve it, you’re right.

Believe that it will happen. Have the conviction follow through. Trust that even if you see only darkness around, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Evan Carmichael

Visit Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel. Join over 936,000 subscribers and fans. Enjoy inspiring, insightful content for success stories who are making a powerful difference in our world. Discover a success school you can access anytime you want and it’s free.

Engaging your highest nature, your best self and greatest purpose is the stuff that happiness and success are made of, learning to transform problems into solutions, conflict into communication, lack of confidence into a love of self and others will not and cannot be determined by others. Yes, you need to find the help you need. Yes, it takes a community to not only raise a child but to help achieve success, but everything starts with YOU.  Take the road less traveled  Be a changemaker, a trailblazer, and a 3Q pioneer!  Get inspired by what you CAN build, do and achieve in the best and worst of times.

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