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How can forward-thinking companies embrace the individuality of their people bolster success? Dr. Rose, author of The End of Average and Director of the Mind, Brain and Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education takes the reader on an important journey, a critical journey that compels those who are transformational or 3Q leaders to think in new ways that inspire and engage potential while exploring the theory and case studies behind his thesis as well as three important principles of individuality.
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Will you base your next decision or strategy on something that could be detrimental or dangerous to your success?  It’s time to stop using “average” as the yardstick against which we measure everything from academic achievement to on-the-job performance, says Todd Rose, Director of the Mind, Brain and Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and author of The End of Average

Has the idea of what is average outlived its purpose?
Are you going to let your ability to succeed falter by measuring averages that worked in the era industrial age, but will not help you tap into your potential, the potential of your high performers in a 21st Century landscape where our ability to ideate, innovate and make remarkable progress is the best way forward.

What are the latest findings?
Dr. Rose explores how the latest findings in this field are opening up new, more expansive ways to consider human potential, and the benefits of this new thinking both for organizations and individuals.  He shares information and experiences showing that if we drill down the data on which an average is based, we’ll most often find that no one is average and that basing a decision or a strategy on the average can be detrimental, or in some cases downright dangerous.

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