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You have heard of EQ/EI (emotional intelligence) but what is 3Q, and how can building three “Q” strengths change and improve your life, your communication, your leadership, and the results you achieve in a VUCA* world?   Click here to learn all about 3Q skills scroll down to take a free 3Q life and career self-assessment. (*volatility, uncertainty, change, ambiguity)

Here are 7 ways to start building YOUR 3Q Edge:

  1.  Build a community of purpose, because success in a connected world demands communication, collaboration with your direct reports, your boss, your colleagues, and other stakeholders. Click for more info on developing YOUR Community of Purpose.
  2. Develop Greater Self Awareness  Your ability to find new ways, better ways to R-E-A-C-H (redirect, empower, actualize, communicate and harvest results) in yourself is the starting point, the pivotal determinant for your ability to inspire and engage the best in yourself and others in good times and bad.
  3. Increase your emotional intelligence, build self-awareness, awareness of others, emotional mastery, and resilience that is critical to effective.  Click here to learn more about EQ management, leadership, and wellbeing. Learning about EQ/EI is important, but it is not enough. Emotional intelligence is honed in the practice, in using challenges at hand to build each critical area of EQ/EI that will allow you to live, lead and succeed more effectively, optimize and delegate purposefully and build the communication and strong relationships that are critical to success.
  4. Embrace and nurture your strengths. Get in focus with what you do brilliantly, with your areas of excellence. Know what you do best, and use every challenge you face to engage and build you’re your intrinsic and learned strengths. Choose team members who have different strengths that give the sum total of your efforts more power. Team members whose values, integrity, and dedication mirror yours but whose intrinsic and learned strengths are different and complementary to your own.
  5.  See challenges in a new and different way that takes YOU and those you lead forward. Develop a new and different relationship with changes, stressors, difficult people/situations that will help YOU Fail Forward faster and better. Your ability to reset default patterns is the coachable moment. It takes awareness; it takes practice and consistent small positive steps or changes in perspective and behavior that will have a formidable impact.
  6. Develop your REACH coaching skills. Learn how to effectively coach others. Develop the coaching skills that can help you help others to optimize their potential, communication, and results when the going gets tough by helping others R-E-A-C-H™ (redirect focus, empower, actualize potential, communicate effectively, harvest results). Apply systems theory, because even one small consistent positive change will impact the whole system in ways that can be pivotal and transformational.
  7.  Develop new ways, better ways of communicating that helps you build a bridge across cultural or generational differences that helps you to achieve the engagement and collaboration you need to succeed in our connected world.  Your ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important determinants of your personal and professional success.
  8. Do you want to play to strengths while transforming stressors, changes, challenges into a lever for your greatest purpose, potential, and results?  Pie in the sky?  Think again.  The proof is in a 16-year track record of breakthrough results in high stress, high change environments.

Take action NOW, and it’s free!

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