100 Stress-busters

100 Stress-Busters, Ten Bonus Links and 1 Important Infographic (#18)

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100 StressbustersThe World Health Organization forecasts that STRESS will be the leading cause of physical disability in the world by 2020.  My take on stress management is somewhat counter-intuitive in that I do not believe we can simply manage stress.  The reality of a marketplace, workplace and personal environments/situations that will change and continue to change faster than ever before is real.  Learning to not only play to our strengths, but use changes, challenges, stressors and failures to optimize our individual and organizational potential is critical.  Impossible?  Think again, because that is what 3Q Personal Development, Leadership Development and Organizational Development are all about!

While you are thinking about the benefits of changing your relationship with strengths and challenges and using it to optimize YOUR greatest 3Q potential ( Q1:  IQ Enhanced focus, ideation and ability to learn/relearn  Q2:  EQ  Emotional Intelligence-Self Management-Relationship Management and Q3: SQ  Purpose, Integrity, Courage ) here are some quick stress-busters you can start using today!

1. Forgive yourself for every mistake you have ever made.
2. Forgive others for their offenses against you.
3. Do not obsess over things you can’t control.
4. Take breaks often to clear you mind.
5. Focus on one thing at a time.
6. Stop over analyzing and start doing what is really important.
7. Stop judging what others do or don’t do.
8. Learn to say no and really mean it.
9. Only add to your “to do” list after crossing 2 things off.
10. When you buy something new, get rid of something old.
11. Give yourself an old fashioned pat on the back.  Self approval is important
12. Stop being a perfectionist it is a recipe for heartache and stress. Be the best you can be in the moment!
13. Let go of trying to control everything, it does not and will never work
14. Don’t get emotionally invested in every little thing; pick your battles wisely
15. Quit agonizing over decisions you have made.  Focus on what you can do now.
16. Remember that almost everything is temporary.
17. Ask yourself: Will it matter in 3 years? If not, let it go.
18. Find reasons to laugh out loud several times a day. Take fun breaks because they not only give your brain a mini aerobic workout~they are good for your heart and soul! (CLICK for INFOGRAPHIC)
19. Stop taking things personally, because most of the time other people are reflecting their stuff, their issues and not yours.
20. Remember your brain and all our brains are set to automatic negative, start retraining your brain to be more positive.
21. Don’t compare yourself to others, measure yourself by the values you cherish and your alignment t these values.  If you are out of whack, re-adjust!
22. Smile often, it is an automatic mood elevator and also gives the brain an aerobic workout
23. Start every conversation with a positive thought.
24. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet-Stay in the present moment!
25. Don’t catastrophize because not everything is an emergency
26. Exercise your head, heart, soul and body every day!
27. Don’t trade sleep for work.
28. Eat for nourishment not for comfort.
29. Express gratitude for the small things you appreciate, they are important!
30..Choose walking over driving whenever possible, and take quick walks to diffuse negative energy, stress!
31. Do things that connect you with the earth and nature they will feed your soul.
32. Take a musical or poetic moment every day.  Music and poetry are great for our heads, hearts and souls!
33. Don’t watch TV when you are eating.  Enjoy your meals, savor each bite.
34. Develop positive habits that promote mindfulness.  No time to meditate?  No problem, start by doing a 2 min Pause.  It works!
35. Take blank time breaks every 90 minutes at work, to recharge your brain and spirit.
36. Establish a positive routine before bed and when you get up in the morning.
37. Go to the beach or river and soak up the negative ions.
38. Do something nice just for you every single day.
39. Do something nice for someone else every single day.
40. Tell the people you love how you feel daily.
41. Keep a gratitude journal. Write in it daily before bed.
42. Eliminate unnecessary commitments because time is our most important declining asset.
43. Don’t allow others to make you feel pressured.
44. Remove toxic people and extraneous drama from your life.
45. Take 5 slow, deep breaths every hour on the hour.
46. Help others whenever it is within your power to do so.
47. Consciously relax every muscle in your body at bed time.
48. Turn off the “problem solver” 2 hours before bed time.
49. As soon as you wake up, do something that energizes you and puts you in a positive mood.|
50. Rekindle your inner child every day.
51. Laugh at yourself.
52. Be a bit early for everything so you don’t feel rushed.
53. Make peace of mind a high priority in your life.
54. Find ways to express your creativity regularly.
55. Do morning, mid day and before bed brain dump for 30 seconds. Let it all go.
56. Surround yourself with positive people and images.
57. Never complain. If something bothers you take action.
58. Use words that empower you because our words make our world.
59.  Wiggle your toes!  Go ahead.  Impossible to feel stressed when wiggling toes!
60. Maintain you energy levels and you will stress less.
61. Reduce spending and debt loads
62. Lighten your material load. More stuff = more stress!
63. Practice unplugging from the electronic world once a day.
64. Read for pleasure and relaxation.
65. Remember that laughter; funny movies boost the immune system!  Enjoy them.
66. Inhale calm, exhale tension.
67. Identify and eliminate energy drains.
68. Build relationships with people who energize and inspire you.
69. Actively interact with positive people as much as you can.
70. If it’s not your problem get out of the way (like tailgaters).
71. Get a hobby that completely captures your focus.
72. Never respond to or repeat gossip, it will backfire.
73. Only project positive thoughts into your future.
74. Be realistic with the demands you put on yourself.
75. Take care of your health and remember that 90% of illness is stress related.
76.  Set your intention every day.  Decide, choose what kind of day you will have!
77.  Set three major goals for  yourself each day and keep them!
78. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
79. Be reasonable about scheduling your time.
80. Accept that everything takes longer than you think.
81. Spend one hour a week to strategize your week.  Make it your power hour.
82. Stop trying to do everything yourself. Get help where you can.
83. Never argue with ignorance it will only frustrate you.
84. Adopt a stress free attitude because it’s all perception.
85. Embrace your ability to fail forward!  Change your attitude about failure and use it to empower you!
86. Counter stress with positive words, affirmations and actions.|
87. When you’re feeling down take time to help other people.
88. Get rid of things/people that make you miserable.
89. Learn to really listen to yourself and know what you really want.
90. Do something silly every day, and enjoy it.
91. Don’t stress out trying to get everyone to agree with you.
92. Minimize negativity in terms of what you read, music you listen to, people you socialize with.
93. Seize every opportunity to encourage yourself and others!
94. Live in the present.
95. Let go of stressors that are not really important.
96. Embrace your formidable ability to learn, relearn and grow!
97. Believe in yourself because YOU are awesome.
98. Learn to recognize and silence your inner critic.
99.  Don’t dumb down your emotions, learn to feel them but not be held hostage by them.  Build constructive discontent.
100. Remember each day is a unique gift that we can spend or use! Carpe diem.

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