3 Ways to Build Great Leadership Communication

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The leader who communicates well succeeds well. Great leadership communication means developing your  3Q leadership™ edge by transforming your communication into words that drive reach, resonance and results.  Words that position you, words the reinforce your brand as a trusted leader who is committed to taking his/her people forward. Why is communication critical?  Because the attrition of projects and initiatives due to communication failure is epidemic, and your ability to take good communication and make it great is critical and doable.

Here are three simple and powerful steps to build great leadership communication, as well as many bonus links!


›Step One: Build Q1-REACH
Set the foundation for great communication.  Be an Essentialist Leader. Focus on what counts. Limit extraneous detail. Define your objective and find the key words, the key message that will open the hearts and minds of your audience.  The message is all about them, the objective is all about YOU and them.  The way forward is together and your communication is the glue that binds people, purpose, process, potential and results.


›Step Two:  Build Q2-RESONANCE
Build Emotional Buy-in.  Use words that develop emotional buy-in  before you align what you are saying with rational evidence, refine and hone your message to fit YOUR people.  If you do not understand what is purposeful, meaningful to your employees, your clients, your constituents you are riding a broken train that will ultimately derail.  Stephen Covey said “seek first to understand.”  Effective leadership communication starts by using your understanding of your people to build emotional buy-in, to punctuate and situate your words, your demeanor in ways that hit the heart first and provide the rational evidence second.  Effective leadership communication is cemented by authenticity, integrity and your ability to walk the talk.


›Step Three:  Build Q3-RESULTS

 Grow the purpose factor that transforms your vision into a mission that is embraced by others. Purpose equals profit on a multiplicity of levels that start with the human need to feel that we are contributing to something larger than ourselves. External motivators are important, but internal motivators are the pilot light that champions our ability to go the extra mile.  Growing the purpose factor that transforms your communication into a vision and a mission that is embraced by others while using the language that speaks and resonates with them is critical.  People, purpose, power…aim for all three in your communication.  Get the buy-in, build the purpose factor and hone your message for results that take YOU and your people forward. If there are ruts in the road (challenges and failures) use them as levers for greater potential, better focus and to reinforce purpose and potential.  Hone your ability to transform ruts into solutions that inspire, empower and enable YOUR people.

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  1. Ian Cribbes
    Ian Cribbes says:

    Poor or ineffective communication is the blight of many an organisation. It is often the key reason why projects fail (over budget and over time). People, particularly leaders (managers), need to take a long hard look at the following:
    1. What is the purpose/objective of the communication?
    2. Who is the communication aimed at?
    3. What is the expectation of the recipients?

    Thank you Irene for a well communicated article.


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