Twitter Week In Review w/e Jan 6-12

Twitter Week in Review-W/E Jan 6-12
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week

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Best of 2012: MiscTopics
Biz: Career-Workplace-HR
Biz: Creativity & Innovation
Biz: Leadership
Biz: Social Media Marketing
Biz: Soc Media-Tech & Geekery
Inspiring Quotes & Posts
International Development
Neuroscience & Psychology
Personal Development & Growth
Science, Tech & Health
Sustainability & CSR | Women


˚) Some of The Best of 2012

☆☞Best and Worst of 2012  | A Twitter Year in Review by Irene Becker @justcoachit

☆☞Most Popular Stories of 2012 — Harvard Business School Working Knowledge via @hbswk

☆☞10 Of The Year’s Best Designs For Social Good via @FastCoDesign

☆☞17 #Innovation Essays For Jump-Starting Your 2013 by @BelindaLanks via @FastCoDesign

Bonus Best Books of 2012 by Maria Popova @brainpicker  AND  The thinker and the doer  via @engnunes


˚) Biz: Career & Workplace/HR

☆☞Bring Out Their Best Side to be Happier Together by @kareanderson via @forbes

☆☞ 5 Career Goals You Can Live With by @dorothynext via @chrisperry RT @talentculture

☆☞ By 2020, there will be a 38-40 million potential shortage of college-educated workers.  RT @mckinseysociety

☆☞ Leadership: Proving Need Not Stop Improving by @katenasser

☆☞Top 10 Posts of 2012: Recognition, Engagement, Values Key to Success  via @derekirvine @globoforce

BONUS  Dear Self-absorbed Boss. By Jane Perdue @thehrgoddess



˚) Biz: Creativity and Innovation:

☆☞ Your Favorite 2012 Brainzooming Blog Posts  by Mike Brown @brainzooming

☆☞ Kudos to Top 40 @IXchat Innovation Bloggers of 2012! RT @sarahcaldicott:

☆☞ Top 20 Insights, Talks, and Quotables On Making Ideas Happen via Behance @99U rt @ sproutsocial

☆☞ Hidden needs of invisible people in innovation by @jabaldaia

☆☞The 10 Most Popular Postings on the Heart of Innovation Blog in 2012 by @mitchditkoff rt @pull_innovation


˚) Biz: Leadership

☆☞ Your Employees Are Not Mind Readers by @DougConant via @harvardbiz  (click on pic for post)

☆☞ If you don’t take care of your leadership self, who will? By @johnbaldoni via @Forbes

☆☞ Top 2012 Posts Leadership, Communication, Career from 3Q Leadership Blog @justcoachit

☆☞ Seapoint Center Best 2012 Blog Posts by @jesselynstoner

Bonus Ten Ways to Lead Forward in Times of Complexity and Change by Irene Becker @justcoachit


˚) Biz: Social Media Marketing:

☆☞Six Social Media Trends You Should Not Ignore In 2013 by @jeffbullas  (click on pic for post) #smm

☆☞Social Media Marketing – Top Buzz Words For 2013 by @stacyzapar (click on pic for post)

☆☞10 Stats That Will Change Way You Look at Video in 2013 by Matt Fiorentino via @adage RT @PamMktgNut @tamicann @professorgary

☆☞@Remembering 2012 in Tweets [#VIDEO] via @mashable rt @RevezNexus

☆☞ Infographic #SEO Predictions for 2013 Inforza via @bitrebels (click on pic for post)



˚) Biz: Social Media Tech & Geekery:

☆☞ Can a computer out-compose Mozart?  via @EUinnovation RT @calestous

☆☞ 75 Percent Of The World’s Heads Of State Are Now On Twitter via @TechCrunch (STUDY) RT @keithkeller

☆☞ Consumer Trends in the Tech Space 2013 by Walter Mossberg via @wsj

☆☞ If Twitter was a country, it would be the 12th largest country in the world. RT @oddestfacts

☆☞ Lessons for the living from those who departed in 2012 – including my NYT piece on Ray Bradbury by Maria Popova @brainpicker


˚) Education/Learning:

☆☞T he Hidden Revolution in Online Learning RT @drescotet

☆☞ 16 Small Ways to Help the Kids in Your Life in 2013  by Lillie Marshall @worldlillie via @gatesfoundation

☆☞ 2012 The Year of the #MOOC (massive open online courses) by Laura Pappano via @nytimes rt @drescotet

☆☞ Lincoln wasn’t just a linear thinker. Lincoln thought volumetrically.  Tony Kushner RT @MoyersStaff @ BillMoyers

☆☞ How To Search For Open Educational Resources via@ Edudemic

Bonus 2013: The big themes in learning via @edutopia RT  @MindShiftKQED AND 2012’s most read education stories – via @bbc


˚) Inspiring Quotes/Wisdom and Posts:

☆☞“The new status symbol isn’t what you own–it’s what you’re smart enough not to own.” via @stevecase rt @richardflorida

☆☞Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.- John Dewey rt @lostinlearning

☆☞Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use. -Ruth Gordon  rt @ptarkkonen

☆☞We must combine worlds of knowledge and expect that ideas shine by @jabaldaia

☆☞A Beautiful & Inspiring Post: A New Year, New Age, New You by Shelley Lundquist via @letmemoveyou


˚) International Development & Social Good

☆☞  Can internet activism turn into a real political movement? @TheEconomist RT @harvardash

☆☞  Grants support science and ‘capacity building’ in developing world and beyond

☆☞  Top 5 Ways Africa Shone in 2012 as told to @cnn rt @calestous

☆☞  Kenyan Women Create Their Own Geek Culture via @npr rt @whiteafrican @calestous

☆☞Saving the world through social media? How development is going digital by @MaeveShearlaw via @guardian


˚) Neuroscience & Psychology:

☆☞PsyBlog’s 10 Most Popular Psychological Insights From 2012 via @psyblog

☆☞The Evolution of Risk-Taking by Lee Alan Dugatkin via @danafoundation

☆☞Berkley researchers create map showing “most detailed look ever” of how brain organizes visual info via @gizmag

☆☞Psychiatric Inflammation Biomarker Linked to Depression RT @dra_teraizamesa

☆☞Scientists Discover How the Brain Creates Meaning via @maniebosman RT@mimbrerooo


˚) Personal Development & Growth:

☆☞5 Steps to an Empowering Year 2013 by @catalyst303 via @modernlifeblogs @amitv_tweets

☆☞ 9 Surefire Ways to Get What You Want by @marcandangel rt @davidholzmer

☆☞ Create a Meaningful Life by Umair Haque @umairh via @HarvardBiz

☆☞ Rare vision in 2012 – a survey of the year’s art achievements  via @huffpostarts

☆☞ A Spiritual New Year by @deepakchopra via @washingtonpost


˚) Science, Tech & Health:

☆☞ Future of the Hospital: Announcing Challenge #3 – by @rachelmaquire via @itft rt @nanotech

☆☞How to Gain or Lose 30 Minutes of Life Every Day: Scientific American via

☆☞ Australia’s Revolutionary Nanotechnology Material by Liza Kappelle via@smh rt @calestous

☆☞ Genes Jump From Snakes to Cows  via @abcnews rt @calestous

☆☞A Bath Without Water Amazing African Invention by Ludwick Marishane:  via @tedtalks rt @calestous

˚) Sustainability & CSR:

☆☞  8 CSR Communications Trends Powered by Social Media by Julie Urlaub @taigacompany

☆☞  Greenovate! Curitiba, Brazil Rapid Transit System: A flexible network via @ixchat rt @pull_innovation

☆☞ Continuity is at the heart of conservatism: ecology serves that heart. – Garrett Hardin   via @sustearth

☆☞ Companies need to incorporate sustainability into how they manage their own pension fund earnings  by @rgeccles @harvard

☆☞ The Lesser Known Revolutions that Created the Modern World via @digitaltonto rt @jabaldaia


 ˚) Women:

☆☞15 Trailblazers Take The Stage via @amazingwomen

☆☞The Best Jobs For #Women In 2013  by Jenna_ Goudreau via @forbes

☆☞A New Year’s Resolution to Benefit the World: Education for Women –RT @drescotet

☆☞The Next Billion – Women Entrepreneurs (Infographic) by  Anna Vital @vitalhack via@women2 rt @womenonbusiness

☆☞ Felisa Wolfe-Simon, Biologist/Biogeochemist via @amazingwomen


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