A Whole New World



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A Whole New World

 Courage lies in our ability to develop a whole new mind set, skill set and heart set that optimizes the unbridled passion, purpose and potential of humans to do better, rather than simply living or working faster than ever before.  Hope lies in the hearts and minds of those who recognize our ability to use what is to create what can be in our lives, workplaces and organizations.

♦A Whole NEW World. Last week I was struck by a conversation with a colleague who has a big footprint in the coaching and training community. In thinking about his words, this post was born. My colleague shared his opinion that those who train, coach and teach are not doing anything different, and that there has been nothing new since Aristotle…we just position things for the times.  In thinking about his words, I could not help but reflect upon a decade of working tirelessly to help people and organizations see things differently and why in 2014 this still remains an uphill battle, but a battle worth fighting.  Things are different today, and if we are inured to what is different and what must change we are seeing the forest and missing the trees.  While large organizations are particularly geared to entrenching the status quo, we will not lead forward, we cannot prosper by doing what was and expecting to create the foundation for a better futureIf we cannot see the differences before us, the whole new world we face, we will not be able to step out of a box that will ultimately limit or deride our potential.

♦What is different today?  Just about everything.  Change, challenges, hyper-competition and opportunities are the new normal. The values, the importance of asking the right questions and of championing dialogue, integrity and value are timeless…but the skill set we need NOW in order to live, communicate, lead and succeed forward IS DIFFERENT from what we learned in the past because it requires us to use what is to create what CAN be, rather than relying upon what was to take us forward.

♦Why is a new mindset important?  Because what was will not take us forward.  The writing is on the walls of our lives, our workplaces, our organizations; success about creating value for others and doing so means learning new ways, faster ways, better ways, different ways to open our minds, engage our ability to ideate, innovate, create and co-create while recognizing that the darkest, bleakest part of human nature is the desire to take for the self alone. The mechanism for education, for learning AND re-learning must be focused on optimizing our minds, recognizing our ability think smarter, better and more creatively while engaging our purpose as human beings doing better.

♦Why is developing a new skill-set and vocabulary important?  Because managing is not enough.  We cannot truly manage change, but we can count on a velocity of change, challenges, hyper competition AND opportunities that will continue to accelerate.  We can manage people, talent and performance, but unless we raise the bar with a focus on optimizing our potential we are managing a ship that will ultimately sink.  Our ability to use words, use phrases and change the language from a focus on managing to a vocabulary of optimization is important because in changing our words, we also change our focus. Our ability to develop our 3Q Edge™, to use our strengths as well as the changes, challenges, stressors and failures we face as positive levers for enhanced ideation, innovative thought, cognitive ability as well as emotional intelligence, resiliency and enhanced communication collaboration is not pixie dust…it is the way forward.  And, it is a way forward, a way of building IQ and EQ that is anchored in the purpose, values and development of intrinsic motivators (SQ)  that make us stronger, keep us learning, leading and living forward when the times are tough.

♦Why is a new heart set important? How do passion, purpose and potential fit into the business equation? Passion, purpose and potential are part of the new business equation because while controlling the mode of production was the litmus test of success, rising to the top means developing cognitive, emotional dexterity and engaging our ability to focus on value creation for ourselves, our people and the communities we serve.  What does not create value for others is doomed to ultimate failure, and this failure represents that downfall of every great nation in recorded history and is also the new battle ground for consumerism gone wrong, individual rights that are critically important but must be also aligned with the collective good.

I believe in our ability to think, learn, communicate and succeed forward.  It is this belief and the values that support it that has helped me move molehills and mountains in my life and the lives of others.  It is this belief that is the pilot light of all pioneers, of all those who feel the pull, the desire, the opportunity to build and contribute to a better world in what every way speaks to their lives, their purpose, their journey.  We can choose to be pioneers in a brave new world, ombudsmen and ombudswomen of our greatest purpose, our most important potential or wait for the next change, challenge or competitive dilemma to obscure our ability to develop new ways of thinking, communicating and doing that take us forward faster and better together.  People, passion, purpose, process and aligning all four to create better workplaces, better organizations and the type of engagement and commitment that drives results is critical on an individual and collective level. Carpe Diem!

More…YOU Betcha.  Some excellent links and pod-casts for people who want to optimize their potential, people who believe in our ability to learn, communicate, lead and succeed forward!~

Anything else?  YES.  Our new website and blog  with expanded collaborators, programs and services for individuals, organizations and emerging leaders debuts this soon.   Stay Tuned!

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