Are YOU Leaving Business On the Table?

Are YOU leaving business on the table?
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 Business Back to Basics for Service Professionals, Coaches & Consultants & Those in Professional Practice
The ABC’s of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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Are you Leaving Business on the Table?

 A:  Why do you need a CRM system? 

There are many reasons, of which determining if there is business left on the table is one.  Developing a system that helps you manage and build customer relationships is important, because it will help you:

  • Maintain and develop client relationship-get important information about client’s wants/needs and changes in wants/needs (understanding YOUR client)
  • Get Referrals
  • Cross sell or Upsell when what you are selling will provide value to the client

B: How will having a CRM system help?

How can you find business that is left on the table? By developing a great CRM/customer relationship management system that helps YOU::

  • Document interaction, points of contact (verbal, virtual, written) so  you can build and maintain the relationship.  Points of contact that tell you about the current and the changing needs/wants of your client.
  • Maintain regular contact that is not intrusive, but builds the relationship- Personal contact or a personal touch to verbal and/or written communication
  • Update your clients on new products, services and offerings, and also keep in touch with their ongoing needs and wants

C:  When do you need to develop a CRM system?

NOW, every customer is an onbudsman for your business and brand.  They are more than a purchaser of products and services they are YOUR brand ambassador.

  • Understand what thriving enterprise/big business knows, the client is king or queen!  You need to keep your fingers on the pulse of WHO your client is, WHAT they want and HOW you can deliver it to them in a way that creates value for them, and builds your marketing footprint, your brand and your presence with  your client/your brand ambassador
  • Develop a CRM system that monitors the information you need to get while building and maintaining the client relationship.  Align your CRM system with your client marketing and sales objectives, delivery of excellence for money (value) and top quality service and follow up.
  • Use YOUR existing great customer relationships to build trust, loyalty, brand presence, sell (cross or upsell-products and services that provide value for your client), remind your client that YOU care and are here to help them and those they refer to YOU.   ® Irene Becker, 2012, All rights reservedMore Business Back to Basics?  You Betcha

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  1. Terry Sullivan
    Terry Sullivan says:

    Hi Irene, CRM is very tricky. Your blog article really helped me put things in perspective wanting to learn more. Your background is amazing. First CEO of a steel company in Canada. I’ve been to Canada several times… you live in a beautiful country.

    Thanks for your Blog. Very nice job!

    All the best,


    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Hi Terry: I am so glad that my article on CRM was of value to you. It is terrific that you want to learn more, and would be delighted to discuss this area of focus with you! My email is

      Thank you so much for your very kind comments about my background, and Canada! And, apologies for the delay in replying, as my schedule this week is a bit over the top!

      Very best! Irene

  2. Karlene Petitt
    Karlene Petitt says:

    We have been involved in CRM in the flight deck since the late seventies. But CRM in my world is Crew Resource Management. Both being efficient management, but in the airline world we don’t pick up extra customers, we just don’t kill the ones we have. A critical program.


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