Where is the Good? Attitude Correction-Positive Connection!

©Irene Becker, www.justcoachit.com

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Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” Albert Einstein

What would it take for you to make an attitude correction?  A attitude correction, a positive connection.  How much better would you feel right here, right now by simply tuning out negativity and tuning in a new perspective, a new way of seeing and doing things that helps you embrace  positivity?

 Negativity is a demon, a frenemy, a foe, a contageon of discouragement that will follow you relentlessly if you allow it to do so.  Stay vigilant focus not on what you lack, but on what you have right here, right now.  Fight negativity by staying focused on the present moment and attached to all that is positive in your life.  Decide to make an attitude correction by making a positive connection with yourself and with your life.

Reach into your heart and find the power most awesome power you have, the power of will.  The power to reach into your mind and decide to abandon the desert of negativity and chaos that surrounds you.  When we can reach past the distractions that abound,  we can focus our hearts and minds on living a more creative, productive and happy life. We can attach ourselves to optimism.  We can embrace the lives that we were meant to lead.

Refuse to let the thorns of negativity and chaos pollinate your spirit and your life.   Leave the desert of emotional drain and pain.  Develop an oasis of love, faith and optimism.  Know that YOU have the power to cleave to all that is good.  Embrace optimism and all that you can be, and in so doing become the miracle you search for.

Get strong. Reset!   Make an attitude correction every time negativity seeps into your conciousness. 
Impossible, think again, because you have the power to retrain your brain, you have the power to decide to make an attitude correction, a positive connection. And, the good news, the great news is that each time you make an attitude correction, each time you make a positive connection you are retraining, resetting your brain to be more positive.

 ©Irene Becker, www.justcoachit.com 

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