Be The Miracle

Be the Miracle 

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“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist. We are collaborators in Creation” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

While many of us are earning more money than before, too many of us are challenged by a lingering malaise, a yearning for personal satisfaction and emotional connection that somehow eludes us.  We finish our work days tired and drained.  We long for the energy, the passion to address what WE truly want and need.  We long for a kinder, gentler more “human” life and yet we push forward and onward, neglecting an inner voice that desperately longs to be heard because we are stuck in the Land of Lack.


The Land of Lack is place of social and emotional disconnection. It is the head and heart space of individuals who have nice educations, nice jobs, and nice homes.  People who have worked hard, played hard, and followed all the rules in the game of getting ahead.  They have strategized, improvised and made their way in the jungle of life to a good place in the social and economic food chain. While their outside appearance speaks loudly to all they have, their eyes reflect all they have not.

Every day we can wage an individual and a collective battle to get out of the Land of Lack.  We have the free will and power to reclaim our purpose, passion and joy.  Hard to get past the Land of Lack… you bet!  Hard, but far from impossible.   We can move forward, upward and onward by remembering the three small and yet large lessons we can learn from nature.  Three facts of nature that can inspire us to let go of negativity, engage a new and better self, be the miracle that we want to see.

  1. The bumblebee-the insect who defies the laws of aerodynamics by flying.  Decide to reach past the Land of Lack.  Imagine if you simply could not fail?  What would you do? Where would you go?
  2. The caterpillar reaches maturity by shedding the skin that no longer fits.  We can transform our lives every day, every way be deciding to shed the habits, beliefs and relationships that do not speak to our true values and purpose.
  3. The butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo is scientifically recognized to have an impact on the weather patterns across the globe.  Decide to make one small step to have a positive impact, to make a positive difference in the life of another person today.  Know that in taking this small step you will be taking a big step in creating the change you want to see.

Be the miracle.  Live the miracle.

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