Best Self, Work and Life-10 Minute Self Test

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There is no time like the end of the year to reflect, re-charge, re-purpose and optimize!  

A Gift for YOU


  1. Check the statement is consistently true for you.
  2. If the statement doesn’t apply to you, replace it with a different one that fits within that category.
  3. Add up sections and total scores.
  4. Understanding your strengths, while learning to USE changes, challenges as levers for your potential is the way forward.
  5. Build YOUR 3Q Edge™, see your strengths and challenges with new eyes that take you forward faster and better!

Family & Relationships:

___1. I am happy with my personal relationships.


___ 2. I am close to my family.


___ 3. I have a good circle of friends whom I enjoy.


___ 4. I have a best friend, a confidante, someone I can trust with all my heart.


___ 5. I am very close to my children/parents. There is nothing in the way.


___ 6. I enjoy my family/extended family; we have worked through any dysfunction and past problems.


___ 7. I am part of a professional network that stimulates me intellectually and emotionally.


___ 8. I get along well with my neighbors.


___ 9. I have at least 20 friends and colleagues who live outside of my country of residence.


___10. I am constantly learning how to build better relationships and develop good communication.  Meeting new people is something I look forward to.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)





___11. My work/career is both fulfilling and nourishing to me; I am not drained.


___ 12. I am highly regarded for my expertise by my manager, clients and/or colleagues.


___ 13. I understand what I want to accomplish with and through my career/work and am on a positive career path to meet my personal, financial and emotional goals.


___ 14. I work in the right industry or field; it has a bright future.


___ 15. I look forward to going to work virtually every day.


___ 16. My work is not my life, but it is a rich part of my life and a source of personal and professional growth.


___ 17. I work with people I respect and admire.


___ 18. My work environment brings out the very best of me because it is stimulating and supports my career and personal development.


___ 19. At the end of the day, I have as much energy as I did when started the day; I am not drained.


___ 20. The work I do helps to meet my intellectual, social and emotional needs.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)




___21. I have at least  6 month’s living expenses in the bank or money market fund.


___ 22. I am on a financial independence track or am already there.


___ 23. I don’t have to work at financial success; money seems to find me with very little effort or pushing.


___ 24. I have no financial stress of any kind in my life.


___ 25. I invest at least 10% of my income/earnings in my ability to increase/expand that income.


___ 26. I do not carry credit card debt; I do not overspend.


___ 27. When I buy something, I buy the best possible quality.


___ 28. I don’t lose sleep over my investments.


___ 29. I am financially knowledgeable — I know how money is made and lost.


___ 30. I make money because I provide more than enough value to the people/customers who need what I have and I know how to organize, manage and optimize effectiveness in my career or business.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)



Resiliency & Happiness

___ 31. I spend my leisure time enjoying my interests; I am never bored.


___ 32. I take blank time every 90 minutes; five minutes time to just recharge and relax.


___ 33. I have positive waking up and going to bed rituals that help me realize my potential and de-stress.


___ 34. I have developed positive rituals that help me recharge, refocus and repurpose in a few minutes.  Rituals, cool tools I can use almost any place and that keep me centered and empowered.


___ 35. I am happy and energized.


___ 36. I am living the life I want, because my career and lifestyle fit my needs, my goals and purpose.


___ 37. I have at least 30 minutes a day that is exclusively for me and I spend it in a chosen way that makes me happy.


___ 38. I have developed good mindfulness habits and rituals; I am not excessively stressed or on cortisol/adrenaline overdrive all day.


___ 39. I have trained myself to take pleasure in small things and small wins, because they are very important.


___ 40. My home makes me happy.  It reflects who I am and where I want to be.

___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)



Optimize Your Time & Effectiveness 

___ 41. I recognize toxic people and do not spend time with people who drain my energy and time.


___ 42. I know how to pace myself and have developed personal rituals to really optimize periods of high energy as well as recharge when my energy is low.


___ 43. I am assertive and no how to ask for what I need.


____ 44. I have the right tools, equipment, computers, software and peripherals that I need to optimize my work.


____ 45.  I have developed good systems and processes to build greater efficiency.


___ 46. I am an excellent team builder and delegator.  I know how to optimize my time and the time of others.


___ 47. I have a system for answering emails that allows me to filter out what is not important, answer what is pertinent.


___ 48. I optimize my time by prioritizing what is urgent, important, can be done later and can wait


___ 49. I know what my goals are and reflect upon them on a regular basis to make sure that my goals, values and actions are in alignment.


___ 50. I recognize the critical importance of effective communication and have honed my ability to communicate for influence across generational and cultural boundaries.



___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)



Live YOUR Values


___ 51. I love my home and everything about it; it reflects who I am and represents a haven that makes me happy.


___ 52. My boundaries are strong enough that people respect me, my needs and what I want.


___ 53. I do not tolerate behaviour or communication that is not in alignment with my values, and address it immediately.


___ 54. I spend time to reflect upon the values I cherish and make sure that they are an integral part of my life and work.


___ 55. I have learned to nurture myself so that when difficult things happen, I can rely on the intrinsic motivators that will keep my moving forward in a positive way when things get tough.


___ 56. I understand my personal needs, have developed self-awareness, and am not held hostage by unmet needs or wounds that sabotage my true potential.


___ 57. There is nothing I am dreading or avoiding.


___ 58. My personal values are clear and present in my life and choices.


___ 59. I have resolved issues that held me back in the past, and use this growth to further empower my resiliency and focus.


___ 60. I don’t use avoidance as a way of not dealing with work, life problems or issues.  I address the challenge and have learned to use it to optimize and realize my greatest potential.



___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)





___ 61. I do not have any regrets.  If my life were to end tomorrow, I would be at peace with what I have done, contributed and accomplished.


___ 62. I march to my own drummer, and have learned to understand my purpose, know my values and clarify what I want and how I will get there.


___ 63.  I do not put off dealing with problems, and have found positive ways to see problems I face with new eyes that help me grow, stretch and succeed.

___ 64. I recognize and appreciate my strengths and am learning to use changes, challenges, stressors and failures as a lever for my greatest potential (my 3Q Edge™)


___ 65. I am the captain of my ship and have the motivation, inspiration and synergy that keeps me moving forward.


___ 66. I have learned to embrace change and challenges because they are part of my evolution and help me grow and optimize!


___ 67. I am aware of my beliefs, and have aligned my beliefs with the values and focus that will help me do my best and accomplish my goals.


___ 68. I feel that while I cannot control life, I can control the way I think, feel and communicate; doing so is important.


___ 69. I have learned to really appreciate myself, my accomplishments and the challenges I have faced and overcome.
___ 70. I enjoy my life because my purpose, values and sense of self worth continue to grow and expand.  Learning new things is something that excites me!


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)



Take Care of YOURself


__ 71. I take regular vacations/time off.


__ 72. I address unresolved matters as soon as I recognize them,


___ 73. I take good care of my teeth, gums and health.


___ 74. I make sure that I have enough time for self care, self reflection and rest each day.


___ 75. I eat food for sustenance and pleasure, not for emotional comfort.


___ 76. I spend time to give back, to do volunteer work, mentor etc. because it is important to my sense of purpose and vitality.


___ 77. When faced with a health challenge, I address it and get effective care.


___ 78.  I keep a gratitude journal or have a personal process or ritual that keeps me focused on the positive in my life.

___ 79. I have positive daily personal rituals that reduce stress and help me feel empowered.


___ 80. There is nothing I am doing that is messing up my mind or heart.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)



Champion Your Happiness 

Please write down 10 situations, routines that make, or would make, you the happiest and most content.  Pick at least one that you will work on next month!


___ 81. _________________________________________________


___ 82. _________________________________________________


___ 83. _________________________________________________


___ 84. _________________________________________________


___ 85. _________________________________________________


___ 86. _________________________________________________


___ 87. _________________________________________________


___ 88. _________________________________________________


___ 89. _________________________________________________


___ 90. ________________________________________________


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)



Learn & Grow

Please write down 10 activities that you would like to try; activities you have always wanted to try!  Pick at least one activity you will commit to doing next month


___ 91. _________________________________________________


___ 92. _________________________________________________


___ 93. _________________________________________________


___ 94. _________________________________________________


___ 95. _________________________________________________


___ 96. _________________________________________________


___ 97. _________________________________________________


___ 98. _________________________________________________


___ 99. _________________________________________________


___ 100. ________________________________________________


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


___ Total score (Number of checked boxes)



Scoring Key:

90-100. Awesome. Congratulations. Incredible.™
80-89. Excellent! Your score is very high — this is a tough test.
70-79. Very good. You’re definitely on track. Keep going
60-69. Pretty good, but there is some work to do.
50-59. Average score. Why not make best self-best work-best life a priority and score 10 more points in the next month?
40-49. You may need develop a new relationships with changes, challenges or failures that helps you actualize your potential!
30-39. Weak. Get re-engaged.  YOU can turn this around
00-29. Time to really focus on YOUR best self, best work and best life.  Carpe diem!


I hope you will use this quick self test to get empowered by where you are and where you can go in 2015!  There is no time like the present to develop a personal action plan that helps you engage your best self, best work and build your best life!

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Anything else?  YES.  Our new website and blog  with expanded collaborators, programs and services for individuals, organizations and emerging leaders debuts this soon.   Stay Tuned!

armest wishes to all for a wonderful Holiday Season and 2015!



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