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Irene Becker

Described by clients as a “transformational catalyst” Irene has helped executives, senior managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, writers, human resource professionals, speakers, trainers, coaches, teachers optimise communication, leadership and performance in high stress, high change environments. One of the most recommended on Twitter in Canada, USA and globally, Irene is also passionate about developing social media reach and resonance. Irene’s journey has taken her from dreams of becoming an academic, to being the first woman CEO of a multi-million dollar steel company in Canada, working in Canada, USA and Europe, pioneering consulting and mentorship programs in Canada and achieving trailblazing results. Her enthusiasm and insight have also paved the way for an excellent speaking career.


“If you’re interested in smart leadership, strategic thought and smart results, follow Irene Becker.”

Dr. Calestous JumaKennedy School, Harvard

“Irene Becker is a force of nature, a hurricane of inspiration and ideas, free association and constructive creativity. Her varied background and experiences are harnessed to a prodigious work ethic.”

James StrockLeadership, governance and sustainability expert; author, Serve To Lead

“I feel privileged to have Irene as a coach and recommend her for 3Q Leadership and business development – brilliant!”

Donya Germain Director of Consumer Research, ACCE International

“Her personality attributes, non-judgment open demeanour, creativity and visionary talents to see what we don’t see about ourselves is key to how she works with you – on an individual basis or in group format.”

Dr. Michel RiceDirector Ontario Medical Research Group

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