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Pain  lurks behind the skyrocketing rates of divorce, discord, aggression, violence that plague our society.

Pain that we each feel when we realize that for all the wonders of modern technology, for all the bells and whistles at our disposal that would have been unimaginable to our great grandparents, most people cannot say that they are living lives or working at jobs or careers that make them feel satisfied, fulfilled on purpose.

Sometimes we are so busy doing, that we forget about being.

We are so busy looking at our lives and our careers through the looking glass of the financial bottom line, or comparing what we have or what we do with others, that we have forgotten about the human bottom line.   Why is this human bottom line important? Because it is the human bottom line that drives the ultimate success or failure of our relationships, our careers and our lives.


We cannot build a better life, a better business or a better organization with brains and agility alone.

Success means a unique balance of independence and interdependence, a platform of increased communication, collaboration, flexibility and creativity that cannot be bought or acquired, rather it must be learned by using the very changes and challenge we face to help us learn to communicate better, collaborate more and to ignite the flexibility and creativity that will help us let go of pain and embrace our power to transform the problems we face into the strategies and solutions we need.


What is the human bottom line in your life and your work?

Have you established relationships where communication, collaboration, flexibility and creativity flow?  If not now,when?

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1. Check the box if the statement is consistently true for you.

2. If the statement doesn’t apply to you, please change it so that it does, or replace it with a different one that fits within that category.

3. Add up your section and total scores.

4. Check back every 30 or 90 days and you will likely see progress, even if you aren’t focusing directly on this program.

5. Work with a coach to help you get through the challenging items.


Family & Relationships

___1. I am both pleased and content with my spouse/partner, or happy being single.


___ 2. I am close to my parent(s), alive or not. There is nothing in the way; nothing between us.


___ 3. I have a circle of friends who I truly enjoy, without any effort.


___ 4. I have a best friend and treat him/her extremely well.


___ 5. I am very close to my children. There is nothing in the way.


___ 6. I enjoy my family/extended family; we have worked through any dysfunction and past problems.


__ 7. I am part of a professional network that stimulates me intellectually and emotionally.


___ 8. I get along well with my neighbors.


___ 9. I have at least 20 friends and colleagues who live outside of my country of residence.


___10. I am loved by the people who mean the most to me.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


Career & Business


___11. My work/career is both fulfilling and nourishing to me; I am not drained.


___ 12. I am highly regarded for my expertise by my manager, clients and/or colleagues.


___ 13. I am on a positive career path that leads to increased opportunities and raises.


___ 14. I work in the right industry or field; it has a bright future.


___ 15. I look forward to going to work virtually every day.


___ 16. My work is not my life, but it is a rich part of my life.


___ 17. I work with the right people.


___ 18. My work environment brings out the very best of me because it is wonderfully stimulating and/or very supportive.


___ 19. At the end of the day, I have as much energy as I did when started the day; I am not drained.


___ 20. The work I do helps to meet my intellectual, social and/or emotional needs.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


Money & Finances


___21. I have at least a year’s living expenses in the bank or money market fund.


___ 22. I am on a financial independence track or am already there.


___ 23. I don’t have to work at financial success; money seems to find me with very little effort or pushing.


___ 24. I have no financial stress of any kind in my life.


___ 25. I invest at least 10% of my income/earnings in my ability to increase/expand that income.


___ 26. I do not carry credit card debt; I do not overspend.


___ 27. When I buy something, I buy the best possible quality.


___ 28. I don’t lose sleep over my investments.


___ 29. I am financially knowledgeable — I know how money is made and lost.


___ 30. I make money because I provide more than enough value to the people/customers who need what I have.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


4. Joy and Delight


__ 31. I spend my leisure time totally enjoying my interests; I am never bored.


___ 32. Weekends (or other days off) are a joy for me.


___ 33. I have designed the perfect way to spend the last hour of my day.


___ 34. I look forward to getting up virtually every morning.


___ 35. I am very, very happy.


___ 36. I have designed — and am living — the perfect lifestyle for me right now.


___ 37. I have at least an hour a day that is exclusively for me and I spend it in a chosen way.


___ 38. I am able to stay present during the day; I don’t lose myself to stress or adrenaline.


___ 39. I easily take delight in the smallest things.


___ 40. My home brings me joy every time I walk inside.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


5. Effectiveness & Efficiency


_ 41. I don’t spend time with anyone who bugs me or who is using me.


_   42. I have more than enough energy and vitality to get me through the day; I don’t start dragging.


__ 43. I have no problem asking for exactly what I want, from anyone.


__ 44. I have all of the right tools, equipment, computers, software and peripherals that I need to work well.


_ 45. Whatever can be automated, is automated.


___ 46. Whatever can be delegated, is delegated.


___ 47. I reply to all emails as I read them; I don’t maintain an inventory of unanswered emails.


___ 48. I don’t put things off; when it occurs to me, I do it, handle it, or have it done.


___ 49. I know what my goals are and I am eagerly and effectively making them a reality.


___ 50. I don’t do errands, except by exception.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


Responsibility & Foundation


___ 51. I love my home: Its location, style, furnishings, light, feeling.


___ 52. My boundaries are strong enough that people respect me, my needs and what I want.


___ 53. I tolerate very, very little; I’m just not willing to.


___ 54. I don’t see a cloud on my future’s horizon; it looks clear.


___ 55. My wants have been satisfied; there is little I want.


___ 56. My personal needs have been satisfied; I am not driven or motivated by unmet needs.


___ 57. There is nothing I am dreading or avoiding.


_ 58. My personal values are clear; I am oriented around them.


___ 59. I have resolved the stresses and key issues of my upbringing and past events.


___ 60. I don’t have a lot of unfinished projects, business or hanging items; I am caught up.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


Personal Development & Evolution


___ 61. I could die this afternoon with no regrets.


___ 62. I am living my life, not the life that someone else designed for me or expected of me.


___ 63. There is nothing that I am not facing head-on; nothing that I am putting off dealing with.


___ 64. I attract success; I don’t have to strive for it or chase it.


___ 65. I have more than enough natural motivation, inspiration and synergy in my life; I am not stuck.


___ 66. I am evolving, not just improving, because I continually experiment.


___ 67. I have progressed beyond the notion of beliefs.


___ 68. I am at that place in life where I initiate and cause events, not wait for others or events to do so.


___ 69. I have learned to take the path of least resistance as I accomplish my goals.


___ 70. I am beyond striving for success; I simply enjoy my life and focus on what fulfills me.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)




Self-care & Vitality


__ 71. I take at least 4 vacations a year.


__ 72. Life is easy; I have virtually no problems or unresolved matters affecting me.


___ 73. My teeth and gums look great and are in top condition.


___ 74. I have more than enough time during my day.


___ 75. I eat food for sustenance and pleasure, not for emotional comfort.


___ 76. I am not abusing my body with too much alcohol, television, caffeine or drugs.


___ 77. Whatever health problems I have, I am receiving proper, effective care for them.


___ 78. My body is in great shape.


___ 79. I reduce stress daily by meditating, taking a long bath, exercising, walking, etc.


___ 80. There is nothing I am doing that is messing up my mind or heart.


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)




Happiness & Contentment


Please write down 10 situations, routines or scenarious that make, or would make, you the happiest and most content.


___ 81. _________________________________________________


___ 82. _________________________________________________


___ 83. _________________________________________________


___ 84. _________________________________________________


___ 85. _________________________________________________


___ 86. _________________________________________________


___ 87. _________________________________________________


___ 88. _________________________________________________


___ 89. _________________________________________________


___ 90. ________________________________________________


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


Pleasure & Excitement


Please write down 10 activities that you truly enjoy, whether you currently do these things in your life or not.


___ 91. _________________________________________________


___ 92. _________________________________________________


___ 93. _________________________________________________


___ 94. _________________________________________________


___ 95. _________________________________________________


___ 96. _________________________________________________


___ 97. _________________________________________________


___ 98. _________________________________________________


___ 99. _________________________________________________


___ 100. ________________________________________________


___ Section score (Number of checked boxes)


___ Total score (Number of checked boxes)


Scoring Key:
90-100. Awesome. Congratulations. Incredible.
80-89. Excellent! Your score is very high — this is a tough test.
70-79. Very good. You’re definitely on track. Keep going
60-69. Pretty good, but there is some work to do.
50-59. Average score. Why not make your quality of life a priority and score 10 more points in the next month?
40-49. You may need to make some important changes.
30-39. Weak. What’s up with this? Make yourself a priority.
00-29. Hello? Anybody home?

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