Self Test Your Learning & Communication Style

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Self Test Your Learning and Communication Style


Review The Following Characteristics of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learners/ Communicators

Visual Learners

• Are neat and orderly
• Are strong, fast readers
• Would rather read than be read to
• Are good long range planners and organizers
• Need an overall view and purpose, and are cautious until mentally
clear about an issue or project
• Are observant of environmental detail
• Are appearance oriented in both dress and presentation
• Are good spellers, and can actually see the words in their mind’s eye
• Memorize by visual association
• Have trouble remembering verbal instructions unless they are written

Auditory Learners
• Are frequently eloquent speakers
• Are easily distracted by noise
• Move their lips and pronounce words as they read
• Enjoy reading aloud and listening
• Learn by listening, and remember what was discussed rather than seen
• Can repeat back and mimic tone and pitch
• Finding writing difficult, but are better at telling
• Are talkative, love discussions, and go into lengthy descriptions
• Have problems with projects that involve visualization, such as
cutting pieces that fit together
• Can spell better out loud than in writing

Kinesthetic Learnersas
• Gesture a lot
• Speak slowly
• Respond to physical rewards
• Touch people to get their attention
• Stand close when talking to someone
• Are physically oriented and move a lot
• Memorize by walking and seeing
• Cannot sit still for long periods of time
• May have messy handwriting
• Like action oriented books that reflect action with body movement as
they read

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