Survive and Thrive-Ten Steps

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Surviving and Thriving- Ten Simple Steps To Greater Resiliency, Empowerment, Happiness & Success
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Power Up and ON. Build self esteem and self confidence from inside out by celebrating your passion, your purpose and your potential.

1. Know and understand what you really want, and use it to build your self confidence and self esteem from inside out. We are socialized to have goals and objectives, and even core beliefs and values that are often not our own. The journey to really HEAR our own voice, and tap into our true purpose, get rid of false core beliefs and replace them with our true core beliefs and values is the road to building true potential, success and happiness.

2. Be the promise manager and CEO of your life. Do what you say, come through with the promises you make. Do not make a commitment that you cannot fulfill. Get rid of relationships with toxic people and frenemies who cannot ever really be trusted and whose values to not align with yours

3. Lead with your Q strengths. Develop the whole brain thinking, emotional intelligence and spiritual strength-the 3Q Edge™ that can help you optimize strengths while transforming stressors, changes and challenges into solutions that empower yourself and others.

4. Fail forward. Learn to use failures and challenges to build a positive sense of self. That’s right, practice seeing your failures with new eyes. Eyes that can help you use them to move forward faster, better and with greater confidence.

5. Take your ego out of the equation, stop personalizing. Refocus on your goal, your objective and your values.

6. Cultivate humor and optimism as often as you can. Take time each day for a good laugh. Yes, laugh it up. The research is in and it is conclusive, laughter not only connects you with others but it also helps strengthen the immune system and helps you tap into your right brain-your creative, communicative side. Find a way to incorporate humor and laughter in your day.

7. Take ME time-reflective time. One of the most important things you can do is find a window of opportunity each day to have ME time. Time that you spend with yourself, cultivating your relationship with YOURSELF. Me time is time when you need to nurture yourself, feel lovable and do something that helps you recharge, reconfigure and reboot your mind, body and soul.

8. Build constructive discontent-your ability to stay grounded in the head of an argument, and to feel unpleasant feelings and not be held hostage by them. That’s right you can learn to develop your ability to feel an emotion and not be held hostage by it by learning to step back ride the wave, by becoming the participant observer and letting the emotion pass by just watching and refocusing on your true goals and objectives.

9. Stop reacting-start responding
. No matter what happens you have the choice to be the cause or the effect. When you react you are been the effect, when you respond you are being the cause. Developing your ability to respond is a learned skill that grows when you develop critical competencies like constructive discontent.

10. Find your happiness set point-your “J” spot-joy spot. Recapture the child and heart and start to re-discover what really makes you feel happy and fulfillment. Once your survival needs have been met, material acquisitions are terrific but they cannot and will not create sustainable fulfillment. Only you can work to re-discover what your joy factor, your happiness set point is by doing things that will help you nurture and sustain your love of self from inside out.

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