Three Simple But Important Reasons To Reclaim YOUR Joy

Three Simple But Important Reasons to Reclaim Your Joy
© Irene Becker

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” Joseph Campbell

While we all need joy, achieving joy starts with wanting joy.  If we do not want joy, then trying to achieve it is akin to trying to light a fire with wet wood.

Joy is the seedbed for energy, for vitality, inspiration and innovation. Vitality, inspiration and innovation make us happy, give us the impetus to create prosperity and pave the way for abundance in every area of our life.   Without joy we will eventually find ourselves in the throes of a personal energy crisis, a bastion of fatigue, distraction, inaction, inertia, miscommunication and discontent.

If you are in the throes of a personal energy crisis, a period of depleted joy, remember that the power to reclaim your joy, your  energy lies with you.


ONE Passion is born of joy. Passion is paramount to our vitality, our inspiration and our ability to create innovation. Without passion, we find our self in a personal energy crisis, an abyss of mental, physical and spiritual fatigue.  Passion is a purposeful, authentic ingredient that makes everything else fall into place.

TWO You cannot hold joy in your hands, you cannot reach it with your intellect.  Joy is the energy and power of your heart, the seedbed of positive emotion and authentic desire.

THREE Joy grows when we revere and appreciate relationships. Amidst fierce competition in every industry, constant change, each relationship we have is a powerful vortex that creates opportunities for both financial and personal growth and success.

BEST REASON TO RE-DISCOVER YOUR JOY SPOT: YOUR happiness, your fulfillment, your health, your well-being, your potential, your life BEST and WELL lived. Brain science now tells us that priming your brain to be happy is critical to success and wellbeing. Take a walk on the path less travelled by focusing on reclaiming YOUR JOY SPOT!

© Irene Becker