Lead Forward 7 Power Words & 8 Power Leadership Posts

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Lead Forward at the Speed of Change | 7 Power Words & 8 Posts
The Coachable Moment for wk ending April 13, 2012

Irene Becker | Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™ | QBlog Helping smart people and organizations move forward smarter, faster, happier

The greatest contribution of any leader is to make other leaders.  Simon Sinek
Today, that contribution is critical

What  does Leadership Really Mean?   

The Survive & Thrive Organization  

Optimize, humanize, monetize potential  

Turn conflict/
communication problems around 

Use  leadership principles to  inspire, engage and empower!  

Build better virtual and actual teams  

Lead forward with your EQ-EI advantage  

Find new sources of profitable growth 


LEAD Forward
Use what is to create what can be | Build YOUR 3Q Edge™ 

Irene Becker | Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™ | QBlog
Helping smart people and organizations move forward smarter, faster, happier

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  1. Felix P. Natef
    Felix P. Natef says:

    Rethink-Reboot-Repair-Recharge-Renew-Reflect-Repower 7 powerful drivers designed that can help simpify our lives. What better system to help redirect our lives with 7 words that associate the need to take action. We go through our lives expecting complexity instead of simplicity, making mountains out of mole hills. Even adults can benefit from the use of key words in forging successful periods in our lives. For me, Irene and her intuitive thinking has innovated a model that encourages proactive action in managing our lives. Go Irene.

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Hi Felix: Thank you so much for your sage comments. I think that the 7 power words are indeed, as you mentioned powerful drivers that can help us simplify our lives. The benefit of keeping it simple by focusing on words that take us forward, words that engage our leadership strengths, abilities and focus is so important. I am humbled and honored by your comments about my ideas, my article and leadership model. I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations LEAD forward. Please know that your taking the time to comment and your wonderful feedback is so appreciated.

      Best, Irene


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