Five Ways to LEAD Forward by Championing the Challenge

Five Ways to Lead Forward by Championing the Challenge
Those who champion challenges will lead forward

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 Let’s face it, the going is tough, and it will get tougher.  We are living and working in a whole new world, workplace and marketplace where the challenges, changes and opportunities before us are unprecedented.  Our individual and collective ability to learn and re-learn new ways of thinking, doing and communicating that will draw upon our individual and collective abilities to develop solutions is critical.  And, our ability to enable solutions is a collaborative effort that will require leaders to build Communities of Purpose, constituencies of colleagues, employees, constituents and social networks that will learn to work together towards shared goals, values and objectives. 

Science tells us that our brains are neuroplastic (the nerves and/or brain are changeable in structure- we have the potential to retrain our brains) AND human beings are the only creatures who are recursive thinkers (recursive thought: the ability to think about our thoughts and thoughts of others)   Recursive thought, neuroplasticity,  and our ability to learn to pause and deflect the primal fight or flight response can help us lead forward faster and better. Learning, re-learning habits of thought, action and communication are critical, using the power of recursive thought to do so is powerful.  Take the time you need to refocus and recenter by distracting your brain from the challenge at hand.  Even moving your toes rapidly will distract your brain.  Start with the toes, then move forward with a powerful pause. Pause-Take at least three minutes to let the automatic fight or flight response pass. Put your brain into an alpha state for several minutes, a state where you will be able to tap into creativity. (click on the blue link for a simple exercise)


Step One: R
edirect your thoughts.  Optimize the power of your thoughts by championing the challenge. Reflect and refocus only what you need to accomplish, rather than how you or someone else may have screwed up. Focus on the objective and it will lead you to the solution.  De-personalize; refocus on what you can do now, on the collaboration you need to engage to lead forward.  Take action now to learn and relearn personal strategies that will help you focus on what counts, relearn and learn faster.  Enabling the power to focus, refocus, learn, relearn and lead forward.

Step Two: Empower:  Empower yourself  in the face of a challenge.  Chamption the challenge as a way to help you lead forward.  Take a break, even a 15 minute hiatus from any type of worry or stress.  Focus on your inner strength, draw upon memories of other times you have faced the fire and won.  Remember mirror neurons will transmit your feelings to others by what seems like osmosis.  Use them.  Put your head and heart in a state where you are empowered, so that you can empower the best in yourself and in others.  Roll up your sleeves. Retrain your brain to see strengths and failures with new eyes that build solutions, collaboration and results by focusing on your objective and your power to achieve it.

Step Three: Actualize: Give yourself and your people the help they need to solve the problem. Embrace your abiilty to learn and re-learn.  Find the information, the collateral help you need to optimize your potential. Get coached, find an advisor who can help you see challenges with new eyes, develop new learning, new strategies and transform the learning into doing.   We are living in a whole new world where the imperative to learn and re-learn habits of thinking, doing and communicating is critical.  Get the help you need to optimize your potential, then…Learn-DO-Teach others to fail forward faster and better.  Use challenges to become relentlessly solution focused.

Step Four: Communicate A leader shows/models what can be done.  Share your thoughts in a way, a language that brings others to the table.  Make your end game a WE game by focusng on shared values, goals and objectives. Less is often more.  Use fewer words with great punch.  Focus on the why, the common denominator, the call to action. Get centered and united on the common goal, the shared values that will move you forward in a language, in word message that others will embrace.

Step Five: Harvest.  Harvest collaboration, harvest results. United you will stand, divided you will fall. Build actual and virtual teams. Develop communities of purpose within your organization, within your social networks. Become a ME to WE leader. Share the glory by celebrating even the small wins of others.  Each positive step forward is an important step that can drive ideation, strategic thought, communication, collaboration, action-ability and results. Root out constituents, frenemy employees, colleagues and stakeholders who will never embrace a shared agenda of values and objectives.  Know who they are and remember that they will never help you lead forward.  Deal with them in ways that help you build a strong community of purpose.


R-E-A-C-H forward.  Reset default patterns of thinking, doing and communicating that no longer work.  Champion the challenge. Our definitions of success will change because everything is changing before us.  The tempest will continue as we enter a new era where purpose=profit.  Those who survive will be pioneers and champions who can see the forest for the trees, and are willing to learn and re-learn ways to think, do and communicate that will optimize their potential and the potential of others. Leadership is a ME-WE equation, a litmus test of actualizing the best in yourself and others.  Those who champion challenges, those who master their ability to learn/relearn, communicate and collaborate will lead forward.


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