True Happiness-Transformational Joy

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TRUE HAPPINESS-TRANSFORMATIONAL JOY                      What is it?  Where do YOU find it?
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Momentary happiness is born of doing, achieving and acquiring.  It is what we are sold in advertisements, and it is what most of us have unfortunately been socialized to want. It is the easy ticket, the quick ride to temporary pleasure. It is the poison apple that will never lead us to a place of sustainable satisfaction, but down the garden path of unfulfilled desire. The more we consume momentary joy, the more we want as we move forward craving the next quick fix in satisfaction.

Transformational joy, on the other hand, cannot be learned, bought, sold or acquired. It is not trendy, or time bound.  Transformational joy is the essence of all that we are and all that we can ever be.  It is love.  It is everlasting and allows us to live each moment, each day without fear.  It is not found in solitude, self pity or solace.  It is found in giving and sharing in reaching out to another person, it is found in reclaiming the values that really matter to us.  It is found in living our truth. Truth that is found not in what we take, but in what we share.  Happiness, transformational joy that is found in what we contribute; in knowing that we are one people sharing one earth. Together we can growth, prosper and flourish.  Divided we will fall.

This week I challenge you to let go of what you think you want and to reflect upon what you truly need.  I challenge you to cast fear to the wind and embrace love, and in so doing to start each day asking not what can I get today, but what can I learn, share and contribute.  Our greatest hope, our greatest power lies within.


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