Disrupt The Status Quo | Make The Critical Shift Forward

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Disrupt The Status Quo: Make The Critical Shift Forward  
The imperative for leaders and managers to optimize their potential and the potential of others has never been greater.  Disrupt the status quo by using change and challenges to build your greatest potential and results!

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Mindshift: Seize this moment to recognize that whether you running a large enterprise, business unit, SME or professional practice, learning and relearn new ways to optimize your potential and the potential of others requires an important mind shift. Small is the NEW big.  Small, continuous steps forward can enable, optimize and humanize your brain power, creativity, potential and ability to communicate and lead forward in the face of  change, challenges and complexity

Cultural Shift: Purpose = Profit Your ability to drive and sustain profits, your ability to lead forward will demand a new focus on your purpose.  CSR initiatives will continue to increase, because purpose = profit.  Whether you are using a CSR initiative to drive constituent and employee engagement, or there is a values driven anchor to your initiatives; they will gain growing importance to the success of your organization because the organizations that succeed will be those who create value for employees, stakeholders, shareholders and the community at large.

Best Practices in the NOW: The New Enterprise is purpose driven. While controlling the mode of production made Tayorlism and scientific management the quid pro quo in the last century, we are in the midst of a new era where our ability to optimize, humanize and monetize human passion, purpose, innovation and creativity will be the litmus test of success. We cannot rely on what was to create what can be.  Best practices need to be re-evaluated, and a culture of learning, re-learning and failing forward must be modeled from the top down and across the organization. As hr, career and leadership dynamo,  We Need to Re-Imagine the World of Work 

What is required? A new vocabulary of success, and smart initiatives that help executives and senior managers reset default patterns of thinking, doing and communicating in order to optimize their talent and the talent of others. Professor Clay Christenson’s theory of Disruptive Innovation must be seen in the light of talent management.  The need to disrupt and improve old ways of talent management by developing new ways of seeing and dealing with change, challenges and strengths is critical.  Here are a few suggestions:

Constructive Discontent:  Using challenges even stressors to optimize
potential. Finding new ways, better ways to really optimize the power of
your mind and brain.  Great READ:  Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and
Rudolph E. Tanzi.  Here is a simple, free 2-3 minute tool that can help you recharge,
refocus, repurpose while putting your brain in the important alpha state

Empathetic Leadership:  Developing leaders who are not only exceptional
strategic thinkers but empaths who can optimize their people’s potential and
deliver message and directives that empower and engage others.

R-E-A-C-H as a critical management and leadership skill
Developing and honing your executive coaching skills so that you can help your
people Redirect focus, Empower confidence, actualize potential, Communicate
effectively with each other, across cultural, global and social networks AND
Harvest results.  New ways to generate results because you are only as good as
your people; and, your people reach across diverse boundaries and

•Build Your 3Q Leadership Edge:  The need for emotionally intelligent
leadership and management is clear.  Our ability to take this a step further
by using  our values, our connection with our greatest power (SQ)
as an anchor for building improved EQ/EI and also enhanced IQ as it relates
to ideation, cognition, action-ability is important. We are not human doings,
we are human beings, and our ability to be pioneers in a whole new
age where our ability to ideate, communicate and co-create is critical
must resonate with our greatest power and purpose.

Disrupt the Status Quo and Get Reinspired:  Our ability to learn, re-learn
and fail forward is not for the faint of heart.  Courage and a relentless focus
on the values, the human potential and ability are required. Organizations that
do not find new ways to build vertical and horizontal communication and create
cultures that thrive in an environment that will continue to change will meet their
maker. We cannot lead forward from an individual or organizational/collective
perspective without courage, integrity and a relentless desire to stretch
out of our comfort zones by learning and re-learning new ways of thinking,
doing and communicating that take us forward smarter, faster and happier.
We can pay lip-service to agile management and leadership, we can pay
lip service to communication and collaboration; but in the end it is our
ability to actualize words through our actions that will take us forward.

Is it easy to shift forward?  Well, this depends on your perspective.  Learning to adopt a new perspective and develop a new relationship with the challenges you face can expedite not only your potential, but a much healthier and happier path.  Nothing that is worthwhile in life is easy, but we do not have to make what is challenging painful.  Our ability to see change and challenges with eyes that take us forward is critical to our individual and collective passion, purpose, potential and physical/mental health.

We are all pioneers in a brave new world.  Some of us will remain entrenched in what was, others will have the courage to look at what is and discover how they can create what can be; a better self, better organization, better workplace…yes, a better world.  Shift Forward and Lead forward!

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Bonus:  The Pause – A 3 Minute Exercise to Recharge-Refocus-Repurpose
AND The Happiness Compendium because YOUR happiness counts!

Is it time to REACH?
Redirect-empower-actualize-communicate- harvest YOUR potential to lead forward?

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