Leadership Means Winning The Silent War Destroying People & Organizations From Inside Out

Leadership Means Winning The Silent War Destroying People And Organizations From Inside Out

Including many bonus links and Three Special  Bonus Links To The Work Of Leadership Thought Leaders: Stew Friedman, Wharton-Rosabeth Kantor, Harvard-Bill George Harvard

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Winning The Silent War

Will we bury our heads in the sand, or die from a death of the obvious.  What we are doing is NOT working well enough.   

What is the economic cost of L & D, coaching and training initiatives that are expensive, and outdated and often have poor ROI because they are focused on what worked in the past? The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the world’s largest professional association dedicated to training and development reports that $156 Billion + was spent by US organizations on L & D in 2012 and in excess of $170 Billion was spent on leadership development training initiatives and programs.

It is time to make the critical shift forward, or prepare to watch lives and organizations erode from inside out. Dateline 2013:  Best practices are made in the NOW.  The sheer velocity of change, challenges, complexity and opportunities surrounding us will continue to accelerate.  Our ability to optimize and actualize potential at the speed of change is REAL, but it requires the courage to make a critical shift forward.  A shift that starts by getting re-inspired by what WE can do and accomplish;a shift that continues by developing a new and important relationship with strengths, changes, challenges, even failures that helps us optimize, humanize and monetize potential by building our 3Q Edge™

The latest research and report from Stanford University is important because it speaks to the critical need for executive coaching and leadership development that helps leaders optimize their potential and the potential of others.  Do you want to stop the silent erosion of your greatest asset?  Is it time to win the silent war that is eroding people and organizations from inside out? Leadership requires courage, wisdom, integrity and a stoic resolve to use what is to create what can be.  Those who lead and succeed forward  with be pioneers; men and women who recognize our ability to optimize the power of human potential and results, by developing new mind-sets and skills sets that unlock our greatest potential.

Leadership requires more than courage, more than real experience in the field, at the front lines…it requires skills development that helps leaders optimize, humanize and monetize potential by developing the mind-set and skill set that enables and actualizes their potential and the potential of those they lead. It means recognizing and nurturing essential leadership and success skills, it means building YOUR 3Q Edge™

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Three Special Bonus Links:  Important Insights Of Leadership Thought Leaders!

Being A Better Leader (Video) by Professor Stew Friedman, Wharton
The Self Esteem of Leadership by Bill George
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