Ten Ways LEAD and SUCCEED In Times Of Complexity And Change-New Edition

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Ten Ways To Lead And Succeed In Times Of Complexity And Change-New Edition (Including 30 Bonus Links)

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Last year, Ten Ways to Live and Lead Forward In Times of Complexity and Change had thousands of views on my blog, and I believe the steps I wrote a year ago are even more critical today.  In order to further address our ability to LEAD and SUCCEED  in times of complexity and change, this NEW edition includes a compendium additional links outlining practical, powerful ways to transform pain into gain, complexity and change into the optimization and actualization of potential; ways you can build YOUR 3Q Leadership Edge™ as it relates to your life, your career, your people, your business….YOUR ability to develop 3Q skills that GROW at the speed of change/challenges!

Ten Ways To Lead Forward In Times Of Complexity And Change

 It is time to realize that we must also use the changes we face to develop the solutions, optimize the potential, that can help us live and lead forward. Doing do is counter-intuitive, but it is NOT impossible.  It is real, it is doable, and it is accomplished in ten simple but powerful steps you can decide to take…or not.


1.  Cultivate the power of the present moment.

Do not be a victim of what was, or what is not.  Stay focused on this minute in time, and your ability to use whatever you are facing to embrace your best self, optimize your true potential by becoming relentlessly solution focused.  Our greatest individual and collective strides forward are always the by-product of our most difficult challenges.  Before you can use/transform a challenge, before you can develop a solution, you must become empowered by the present moment and its possibility.  We cannot see the possibilities before us when we are mired in stress.  The solutions we seek are buried in the challenges we face.  Finding solutions, optimizing our potential starts by learning to embrace the present moment as a window to possibility by embracing the NOW.

2.  Give yourself a 90 second window-3 minutes to optimize!

Learn how to use it to catalyze mindfulness, whole brain thinking and the power of reflection.  Developing what I would call a more androgynous brain, improving whole brain skills and really optimizing your potential means taking time to reflect, time to put your brain in an alpha state.  Doing so, whether my prayer, meditation, chanting, time to simply reflect and stop the clock for 2-3 minutes is critical. Take time each day to pause.  Here is a simple, but powerful technique, The Pause, that anyone can learn and incorporate.

3.  Refocus on what really counts.

Get rid of toxic thoughts & reconsider relationships with toxic people and team membersStop focusing on complexity.  Drown out extraneous noise.Start realizing that the anchors, the timeless wisdom that can help us translate complexity into simple powerful solutions is real. Retrain default patterns so that you can start using what is to create what can be. Our brains are automatically trained to focus on the negative (a vestige from our days in the cafe, when were surrounded by predators).  What really counts?  The sum total of your accomplishments can only be seen in light of your own personal happiness; and true happiness can only be found in what we contribute, not what we acquire. Learning to determine your purpose and engaging it means feeding your head, heart and soul with what counts.  Garbage in, garbage out. The negativity that saved us from predators when we were living in caves, will now hinder our potential.  Refocus on what YOU can do.  Get empowered forward.  Our ability to contribute, our ability to use both our strengths and our challenges to build a better self, better world is real.

4.  Put your brain in the KNOW & Go Forward.

Understand that YOU can re-train your brain!  There are many excellent books to read.  A recent GREAT READ is Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E Tanzi.  Spend a weekend reading this book and exploring ways that you can use your mind to optimize your brain.  Understand that the power to circumnavigate change and challenges is real.  We have only touched the surface of our individual and collective ability.  Living and leading forward means understanding the power of your mind to learn, relearn and develop new ways of seeing, doing and communicating that drive amazing results in your life and the lives of others.


5.  Stop searching for security in the same old places

Security cannot be found in what you acquire; it is a by-product of what you believe not simply what you achieve.  It is your ability to walk, talk and act in alignment with your highest power; the greatest good that is your ultimate goal and greatest triumph.  Purpose = profit on a multiplicity of levels from our own personal well-being to the survival of organizations and our society as a whole.  Need, greed and ego have destroyed every life, fiefdom and empire in recorded time.  History teaches us, life also teaches us that the only security we have is in taking the road less travelled, the road that will help us optimize our ability to realize our true purpose to live, learn and contribute.


6.  Use the changes you face to LEAD forward-Yes, use them to catalyze potential!

Develop coaching skills because they are a critical management, self management and leadership competency.  If you want to optimize your potential and the potential of others you need to develop R-E-A-C=H.  Learn how to redirect focus, empower confidence, actualize potential, communicate effectively and harvest results.  Embrace new ways, better ways to help you optimize your true talent and ability.  Invest in yourself, invest in your people because hope lies in the power of people living and leading forward; hope lies in our ability to innovate and create solutions that drive results.


7.  Build a Community of Purpose.

You need a community of purpose ( social, digital, person to person) to succeed.   A global marketplace demands real and virtual/digital/social communities that interact and collaboration together towards shared objectives.  Our individual survival amidst a sea of change, challenges that could make stress the number one worldwide source of disability means building strong relationships with kindred spirits, relationships with people whom we can trust and whose values and vision are in alignment with our own.  Leadership means building a community of purpose.


8.  Integrity, humanity, courage.  Say them, use them, and incorporate them in your life and work; use them to fail forward (a critical 21st Century Life and Leadership Skill!)

Leadership is a 3Q Equation.  Integrity, humanity, courage are the only fabric that will hold together our lives, our work, our organizations and our world. You can pay lip service to all three and manage; but you will never lead forward without making integrity-humanity and courage the mantra that guides your life and your work.


9.  Remember, going forward:  Purpose = profit.

Sustainability will only be achieved through our ability to know that success means creating value for others. Corporations will be forced to embrace corporate social responsibility, because our definition of success and the way in which we develop customer, client and constituent engagement and loyalty will be based on the purpose=profit equation.  Use it, embrace it.

10.  Traditional might does not make right, it often makes wrong.

The might we need now, more than ever before is not the might of brilliance, or the might of physical force; rather it is the might of a collective consciousness, an awareness that we can become victims to what has felled every great life and empire or we can make RIGHTEach day is a powerful opportunity to right the wrongs we face, because our ability to evolve, grow, learn, re-learn and collaborate forward is real..  The Secret to Peace and Prosperity is timeless.   We have a choice to reach past the victimization of need, ego, greed; we have the ability to stretch ourselves past complacency or reactivity to a new set point where Might=Purpose.  Purpose=Profit and Leadership=Creating Value for Others.  Each individual is part of a greater whole.  Your complacency, reactivity or stasis will make you part of the solution, or help you become complicit in the problems we face on an individual and collective basis.  One small positive step towards integrity, humanity and courage can make an august ripple in the world. Ripple forward!

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 Are you ready to go from Now to HOW?  Get re-inspired by what you can achieve at the speed of change/challenges? Recharge, refocus, repurpose, repower? Build YOUR 3Q Leadership, Career, Business Development or Talent Optimization Edge?

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  1. Jaymi Ratzlaff
    Jaymi Ratzlaff says:

    Thank you for the excellent points in your blog post. There were a couple of key points that stood out to me. I found the acronym REACH to be very applicable. It is so important to have a solid focus, have confidence, and actualize potential while communicating effectively to harvest results. I was also impressed with your point that hope lies in our ability to innovate and create solutions that drive results. It is so important to have effective self-management, business management, and leadership competencies to lead in today’s organizational complexities and change. Your highlighting developing coaching skills is key and right on target for success.

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Hi Jaymi: Thanks so much for your great feedback and comments. I believe that our ability to optimize strengths and USE challenges, challenges, failures and stressors to actualize new and better ways to communicate, collaborate and succeed is both critical and real. Self management, business management, leadership competencies and a focus on using both our strengths and challenges is the way forward. My REACH model came out of years of helping clients do just that. I think that you will enjoy bit.ly/18iKD9v

      Very best, Irene


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