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The litmus test of your greatest happiness rests on your ability to find freedom from that which will only lead us down a path of instant gain and long-term pain. It is  easy to become a slave to our ego (the need to be validated by others), or to the demands of others.  It is easy to develop “soft addictions” to avoid areas of our life that run against our true purpose, our desire and nature to love and to share.  “ Soft addictions”  like getting hooked on t.v., focusing on negativity or being a workaholic are facile ways to distract us from what really matters to us.

When we choose to be addicted to that which helps us avoid that which is difficult or painful we lose touch with the fact that our greatest sense of purpose comes in sharing, contributing and giving.   Whether you are addicted to TV, video games or shopping your soft addictions are a trap. How can you gain the personal freedom to empower our best thoughts, engage our greatest actions and live our best lives when we are facing a change or challenges that has impacted the landscape of our life or work?

Happiness is a choice that starts with being grateful for the gift of life and to look at your glass as half full.  It starts with championing the faith, hope, courage, integrity and humanity that can lift YOU  from where we are to where we need to go.  We can start by learning to appreciate the present moment.  We can gain perspective by taking time to reflect, time to really live in the present moment so that we can be still and hear our inner voice.  

Mindfulness is something that is top of mind for leaders, as it helps drive cognition, ideation and resiliency.  It needs to be top of mind for us all!  Take nine minutes out of your busy day to be mindful-try the 3 minute Pause exercise three times a day, and you will see a difference in your state of mind, focus and the feeling of gratitude that elevates your consciousness and your soul.

We can make a choice to step back and see challenges, changes, even failures with new eyes that take us forward; new eyes that help us tap into our true power and acknowledge that we have a purpose that is bigger than the challenge, bigger than the change or failure are facing.

Our true power is the power to choose freedom over slavery, happiness over despair by refusing to be a slave to our thoughts, by pointing them in new directions that take us forward.  Is it time to recognize that every thought and action that feeds your need to be validated by someone else, makes you a slave to your ego and to the demands and expectations of others?  Is it time to re-awaken and re-inspire your best self and best thoughts?

Take a moment, take this moment to be still and reflect on what you truly want and need. You can choose to elevate this day by taking one small step that will bring happiness to another human being.  It can be a simple smile to a co-worker; it can be anything we choose.  Just one small, simple gift of goodness will add a drop of greatness to your day. Pie in the sky?  Think again!  Take a moment to spread a little goodness, because doing good feels good.

Choosing not to follow the crowd, choosing to empower and enable thoughts and actions that disable your best self and thoughts is to choose slavery over freedom, happiness over despiare. At a time when the World Health Organizations forecasts that stress related ailments and depression will become the major causes of physical and emotional disability in the world, the imperative to strengthen your resolve to focus on that which truly empowers and enables your best self, best thoughts and best actions is clear.

Seize this day, empower this moment by choosing freedom over slavery. Find your happy spot. Refuse to be a part of the silent war of negativity, discouragement, disengagement, depression and despair.  Tap into YOUR power to think differently, communicate differently and develop a NEW relationship with your strengths and challenges that takes YOU forward!

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