Difficult Conversations-How to discuss what matters most

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Difficult ConversationsHave you struggled with a difficult conversation?
Do you want to improve your results managing difficult people?
Is it time to STOP avoiding difficult conversations?

Communicating effectively is a critical competency for leaders and for everyone who wants to succeed in today’s marketplace and workplace.  Most people will avoid conflict and the potential stress of having a difficult conversation; certain cultures and personality types are particularly confrontations and risk averse, making moving from conflict to communication particularly challenging.

What do you need to know about ALL difficult conversations?
How can you strengthen relationships, improve effectiveness, confidence and engagement? What are the 3 sub-conversations that make up and impact all dialogue? Thanks so the authors of this best-selling book, and the producers of the video synopsis and book summary, The Business Source for sharing this important knowledge.  Enjoy this 2 minute summary of Effective Conversations-How to discuss what matters most.  ←

How can you transform conflict into communication?
Understanding what fuels conflict and fans the fire of disengagement, anger or frustration starts with the fact that all people react when they feel invalidated.

Feeling invalidated by a person or the details of a situation touches our primal core and activates our reptilian brain (amygdala) automatically putting us into fight or flight mode.  Learning to recognize triggers and to circumvent the automatic fight or flight response is critical and doable. Read More:  7 Ways to Turn Conflict Around
I look forward to giving three workshops at the forthcoming Project Management and Business Analyst World Conference in Toronto May 9, 10 and 12 because communicating effectively across cultural and generational boundaries is critical.  Read more

More about effective communication?  YOU Betcha!

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