Saturday Solution: 2 Minute Video-Fixing Leadership and Careers One Truth at a Time

success diceThe writing is on the walls of our organizations and workplace; the training received misses the mark a great deal of the time.  Hence the blunt title of this, the 14th book that the Stanford Business School professor Jeffrey Pfeffer  has either written or co-authored.  Jeffery Pfeffer shares his thoughts about the leadership industry, which he says is sucking billions of dollars out of corporate coffers by telling us things about leadership that are misleading, far removed from the real world and, sometimes, patently untrue.  “A provocative case that most leadership advice is baloney and the entire industry is broken. Pfeffer convincingly argues that we consistently give the wrong people power – and even when we get it right, authenticity is a recipe for disaster.” – Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take


Leadership BS-Fixing Leadership and Careers One Truth at a Time poses important questions:

→What if most of what you’ve been taught about leadership in college, business
school, seminars and management literature is either wrong or useless?

→What if  you’re being taught someone’s idea of how they think things should be, rather than
how they actually are?

→What are the five disconnects about what we are told about successful leadership and what successful leaders actually do?
The best way to find out is to click for an excellent 2 minute video summary by The Business Source

>>>Enjoy this excellent video book summary by The Business Source by clicking here <<<

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