Saturday Solution: 2 Minute Video on Designing Impactful Conversations

Impactful Conversations
Are you spending untold hours in unproductive meetings?
  Statistics tell us that managers spend 50-85% of their time in meetings, and that the majority of these meetings are not fruitful.  Authors of Moments of Impact, Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon share a way to design conversations to energize your team and generate breakthrough insights so you can achieve real Moments of Impact.

Strategic conversations must elicit both analytical and emotional/creative responses and lead to definite action, while being flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. They have to engage and inspire participants, often using novel techniques and tactics. And they have to be memorable so there’s meaningful follow-through. Such meetings, say Ertel and Solomon, must be built around five core principles.

What are the five core principles that can help YOU design strategic conversations that energize your team and create breakthrough insights?  The best way to find out is by watching this excellent video by The Business Source.  Thank you, authors Chris Artel and Lisa Kay Solomon for an excellent book, and The Business Source for an excellent 2 minute video summary.

Click here to access the 2 minute video.   Learn how YOU can design impactful conversations!

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