Speaker’s Corner: One Of The Keys To Success-Gratitude

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Success is much more that what we get…

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has passed the test of time.  Once or need for food and shelter has been met, it is our ability to tap into our talent, to express our contribution, our ability to make a positive difference that takes us forward.  True success, that feeling of deep fulfillment, can never be measured by what we get because it is the by-product of what we give and what we are when me rise to the challenges before us with integrity, courage, hope, faith and humanity.

Many years ago, I asked a client who was a captain of industry what he defined as success.  I expected to get an answer that reflected success as expressed by what he had accomplished.  His answer has stuck with me for many years because hearing the definition of success from a man who had a life and a financial/business empire that most people can only dream of was simple, powerful and profound.  My illustrious client answered me without hesitation, telling me that there is only one definition of success and that definition is happiness.  Is it possible to be successful-to be happy without feeling gratitude?  Enjoy the sage insight of digital marketing expert, Mike Lee on the importance of gratitude.

One Of The Keys To Success – GRATITUDE by Mike Lee

I am absolutely blessed by the fact that I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say I’ve come to a personal understanding of what gratitude is and its power to open the doors to a successful but also fulfilling life.

You’ll hear no denial from me that I spent many a year trying to aspire to others perceived level of success. And most of us will do it in our work lifetimes and beyond.

My gratitude comes from the fact that, one day, I suddenly recognised what this word really means. It starts with each of us and being grateful for the lives we have. Whether it’s with everything or nothing, the key to expanding our lives starts with ourselves.

On business networks in particular there is a sense of lost folk syndrome. People that are in all manner of roles but lost amongst the noise of have, need and want. What’s lacking is gratitude and the acknowledgement of how lucky we are to be able to converse and live the way we do.

What we don’t do is be true to ourselves and share stuff that really matters in areas we work in. So much is geared towards take. There is so little give now it’s astonishing that there is any benefit gained from business networks.

How often will you read a post like this without a book push at the end of it? Why don’t we ever share on subjects that matter that are more life affirming but add significant value within a commercial environment?

I’ll finish off with just one statement. I am grateful to feel free of the run of the mill shares which enables me to share my pure view – that offering gratitude on a daily basis not only creates opportunities for you, but also leads you to others of a similar ilk. Those that you’ll work so well together with you’ll wonder why you never applied this simple, but ever important element to your life, far earlier.

Speaker’s Corner bio: Mike Lee, Founder, Digital Headway, UK
Mike Lee
Mike Lee is a marketing master whose career has led him to working for international marketing giants, and to more founding, Digital Headway, a company aimed at helping small and mid sized businesses grow their marketing reach and sales expotentially.

Contact Mike via Linked In or by email at ml@digitalheadway.com


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