Self-Actualization, Happiness and Success in a Chaotic World

Self LoveI share this post with you because I  believe in our ability to build a better tomorrow.  I wake up each morning striving to share more, to help more because I believe with all  my heart that courage, integrity, hope, humanity and faith can take us forward.  They are the values, the strengths, the greatest riches that no one can take from you.  Read more

Self-actualization, happiness and success start by knowing what you really want and adopting a fresh perspective that will help you learn, live and lead forward. What do you really want?  What is really bothering you today?  How can you engage your purpose, your passion, your ability to tap into your strengths and transform challenges into possibilities? Stop thinking about what is wrong, and start focusing on what is right. Read more

Will you choose greatness?  Will you choose to be a victim or a victor?  Do you want to let life happen to you or use what live gives you to tap into your greatest power and the heartfelt values that ignite and sustain your greatest power and happiness?  The greatest power we have lies not in what we have, but in who we are-who we choose to be. Become the director in YOUR movie/YOUR life.  Read more
Start now.  Start this moment by applying self-love.  We are all capable of greatness.  What this means to each individual is different, because our impact, our contribution to the world is different.  Each positive contribution, no matter how big of small, is a critical component in an evolution of self and society that will take us forward to face a brave new world with hope, faith, courage, humanity and integrity.   Read more

Every day is an opportunity to begin again.  Every day will present you with challenges and opportunities to transform the challenges you face into levers for your greatest potential.  Will you seize the day?  Will you recognize your power to make a difference in any way you choose?  Think carefully, because the greatest fulfillment, the only true happiness we feel is when we are contributing, when we are sharing, when we have touched the life of another. Read more

Where do you start?  Start here! Start with self-love and appreciation that is NOT founded on the need to be validated by others. Make a decision, a choice to appreciate your unique gifts, your unique potential, your unique fingerprint because YOU can make a difference in whatever way you choose, but making a difference means being grounded in love not fear or anger.  Apply self-love. Read more

Start this day with a fresh new perspective that will take you forward! Refocus, repurpose, repower! Get inspired by the person you really are because that person is the person YOU can choose to be. Feel your power to choose love over fear, humanity over anger, hope over despair, faith over uncertainty.  Build your 3Q Edge™, your ability to tap into your strengths while using challenges as a lever for your greatest potential and results. Read more


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