Finding Happiness and Success in a Chaotic World

Finding Happiness and Success
“Here is a test to find out whether your mission on earth is finished:  If you are alive it isn’t.” Richard Bach

Life without a mission can be spent, but it will never be lived.  We are so busy doing, that taking the time to just be, taking the time to get to know our best self and discover our purpose or personal mission eludes too many people.  I believe with all my heart that each human being is a spark of the Creator, each human being has a positive and special purpose that can light a candle in the darkest of rooms or bleakest of situations. And, at the end of our journey, we will judge ourselves not be what we have accumulated, but rather by the relationships, love, and purpose that defined our journey.  The ability to truly savor each moment, to appreciate the gift of life and our ability to find our strengths, transform challenges and follow our unique mission is what true happiness is all about.  Your world is basically YOUR consciousness, YOUR perspective and your ability to make the critical shift forward with a new mindset and skill set that drives happiness and success is a personal choice you should not overlook.

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Empower:  Ignite the Power Within
I believe that different people listen to G-d, the Creator, the universe (whatever you choose to call your higher power) on different channels or religions, but if you distil the message of every religion or spiritual path they meet at the center, they meet in a place of total commonality.  G-d is a verb and that verb is love.  Love is fundamentally what we all seek during our lives, and it is also the heartbeat of our highest power and the spark of something infinitely greater, infinitely more powerful that is within our soul.  A soulful journey is a path towards our unique purpose and a growing relationship with our highest power; it is the pilot light that keeps on burning when life changes in a blink or everything seems to be going wrong.

21st C Leadership and Success is NOT About Being BetterEngage:  Re-discover the Imagination, Adaptability and Resiliency You Had as a Child
You were born, we were all born, unable to hold up our necks and totally dependent on others.  The path from birth to childhood is one of spectacular growth, grit, and determination on a multiplicity of levels.  How many times did you fall before you could walk?  How many childhood hours were spent in the realm of your imagination, simply enjoying what you could create in your mind? How long did it take you to learn things that are simple and basic to your existence today?  The imperative to remember and protect your inner child is critical because surviving and thriving means guarding the imagination, enthusiasm, adaptability and resiliency that were part of each one of us as infants and little children.  We cannot create magic, we cannot transform problems into solutions or truly appreciate our lives or work without tuning into the child within.

From No to Go-Success At The Speed Of ChangeTransform:  Reset Your GPS Because Your Default Wiring Will NOT Take You Forward in the 21st Century.
Science confirms that our brains are neuroplastic; our ability to rewrite default patterns of thinking, communicating and acting is real and it is critical to our individual and collective ability to survive and thrive.  Human beings are primally wired for the cave; our brains are conspiracy theorists on the look out for negativity and predators because life was once a journey of utter survival.  Our primal wiring will not help us achieve happiness or success in the 21st century because creativity, communication, collaboration are what will make or break our lives and our organizations.   Scroll down for Cool Tools (free, simple and quick exercises) that can help you reset your GPS, change default patterns of thinking, communicating or doing that will not create happiness or success.

Meaningful Work A Leadership Must 7Build Your Edge in Chaotic Times.
Regular readers of my blog know that I have dedicated my life and work to helping people build their 3Q Edge™-three critical life and leadership strengths and a philosophy of life and work that drive success and sustainability at the speed of change.  Why has this become my life’s work?  Because being smart and fast are no longer enough, the smartest and fastest among us are stuck in a morass of stress, challenges, competition that demands a new perspective and skill set.   Do you want to build strengths that GROW at the speed of change, challenges, and competition?  3Q Click to read about 3Q Benefits

quizHow Happy and Successful Are YOU?  Click here to take a 3Q Life and Success Self Assessment.  It’s free and will take you 10-20 minutes to complete.

Meaningful Work A Leadership Must 4How Can YOU Find Happiness and Success in a Chaotic World?  Here are a few simple, but powerful suggestions (Cool Tools) that are free, take less than 10 minutes and can help!

1.  Smile. Put on a happy face. Yes, science confirms that the sheer act of smiling automatically elevates one’s mood, and happiness is critical to health and success. Yes, you need to prime your brain to be happy in order  to achieve your best health and greatest success.  Put a smile on your face, wiggle your toes, take a 5 minute time out to read something funny/humourous.

2. Stand or sit up straight. Yes, science also confirms that your posture impacts your mood.

3. Think of 3 things you are grateful for.  Your brain cannot hold on to negative feelings while thinking about what you are grateful for.  Given that our brains are primally wired to be negative, the importance of developing an attitude of gratitude is critical.

More?  Yes! Click here for more simple, free and quick Cool Tools that take less than 5 minutes

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