Monday Motivation: Improve Your Day in 5 to 38 minutes!

Can a 38 minute routine turn a negative day around or infuse your day with positivity? Do 5 minute Cool Tools work? Yes! Try them on for size and find out! Continue to read for a great morning routine. Scroll to the bottom of the page for 5 minute Cool Tools. I believe you will be positively surprised by your results!

How can you get happier and more focused? Turn blah into blossom? Transform negativity into a new positive way of thinking? Michel Schwantes, shared terrific advice in his column for Inc. I am sharing an abridged version of the key steps mentioned in his recent article because they are simple, practical and purposeful. You can also find my cool tools at the bottom of the article.

1. Fuel your brain with the good stuff. in 10 minutes
Whatever you do, don’t skip a healthy breakfast. Trade your bowl of sugary cereal for something healthy–like oatmeal or a protein berry smoothie (have all the parts cut up the night before and ready to be blended).
You’ll avoid being tired and hungry later when the sugar jolt wears off.

2. Have a quick 15 minute exercise session.
If you fear a grueling work out, don’t worry, this won’t require you to push play on the P90X video. Positive psychologist Shawn Achor says that a short burst of fun cardio activity (think hula hoops, jumping on the trampoline, a laser Zumba dance session, or a brisk walk with the dog) works wonders . All it takes is 15 minutes per day.

3. Breathe for 5 minutes
OK, now that your heart is pumping a bit. it’s time to switch it up. Sit in a comfortable spot (your “happy place”), and breathe. No, we’re not talking breathing normally but “conscious breathing,” a focused form of yoga-based, breathing meditation.
Click here for one of my favorite Cool Tools (exercises that take less than 5 minutes) The Pause. The Pause will help you breathe better and develop greater mindfulness.

4. Here’s what to do in 5 minutes or less: Before noise from the outside world or your smart phone (or the kids waking up) distract you and you’re off to the races, find a quiet space, take out your journal or a notepad, and write these questions down:

What will grow you personally or professionally, and improve you as a human being today?
What will excite you and give you more energy today?
What will set the stage for an epic-productive day?

5. Take maximum 5 minutes to reflect on three things you are grateful for in life.
Move to another quiet and sacred space, preferably outdoors (a swing bench, a dock, or under a tree). Close your eyes, breathe through your stomach and center yourself. Meditate on the good things of life for 60 seconds–your family,job, good health, community, religion, etc. Now open your eyes and for the next 2 minutes write on your notepad or journal 3 things that you are grateful for the previous day.

Whether you are down in the dumps, stressed or discouraged taking simple, positive and purposeful steps can make a world of difference! We all hit ruts in the road, challenges, detours that sadden us and make it difficult to engage the positive energy and focus required to have a successful day.

Recharge in 5 Minutes or Less. Here are some 5 Minute (or less) Cool Tools
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