Leadership, Success and Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

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“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”
—John Sculley, former Apple CEO

We live in times of extraordinary disruption, and equally extraordinary possibility. Our ability to see the extraordinary possibilities before us, our desire to become possibility thinkers, communicators, and leaders is critical on a multiplicity of levels.

I discovered how to be a possibility thinker and doer by finding a way to transform pain into strength, challenges into courage, hope into faith, conflicts into communication and difficult problems into cognitive dexterity; a way, a path that speaks to life and business/professional leadership. And, as, is often the case, the genesis of my 3Q model and work started when I faced the worst of times; a time when my life and work hung in the balance by a very thin thread.  Read more-My story Against All Odds (over 49,000 views)

A recent McKinsey and Company article estimates that change is happening ten times faster and at three hundred times the scale and impact of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution altered life and work as we once knew it; our transition from the world of information to the age of innovation comes with a velocity of change, challenges, hyper-competition, and opportunities that our predecessors could never have imagined.   A VUCA (volatility-uncertainty-change- ambiguity) world demands a whole new focus and set of leadership skills that can take us forward faster, smarter, and stronger at a speed of change, challenges, and possibilities that will continue to accelerate. Read more-The Individual and Organizational Imperative for 3Q Leadership (over 41, 000 views)

The 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte pinpoints four critical pivot points for success: leading, engaging, reinventing, and reimaging. What worked yesterday may be impotent today or tomorrow; the need to shift forward is critical, and it depends upon your attitude, your ability to reimagine, engage, reinvent, and LEAD forward.  It depends upon our ability to help men and women, people of diverse backgrounds develop the skills they need to transform what is into what can be.  Read more-Women and Leadership (over 59,000  views)

 Your ability to remove the barriers to your greatest potential is real, and the first step in moving forward is recognizing the incredible potential within;  your potential to think, feel, see, and learn faster and better than before.  I have dedicated my life to helping people build their 3Q Edge because a whole new world demands a whole new focus that helps us live, learn, communicate and lead forward faster, smarter and happier than before.  Read more-3Q Benefits and Why I Have Dedicated My Life to This Work. (over 59,000 views)

 Are you ready for a new focus?  Is it time to think differently?  Transform stress into success?  Make change your greatest ally? Stay tuned, for my next post, as we explore taking the road less traveled by using challenges, changes, and stressors as a powerful lever for your greatest potential and results!  In the meantime, check out three interesting, exciting innovations and a list of predictions by Bill Gates!

Irene Becker, CSO, Just Coach It: irene@justcoachit.com  (416-671-4726)
Irene’s assistant, Drew Jones, drew@justcoachit.com (416-737-5075)

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  1. MIke
    MIke says:

    I think the sooner leaders can embrace change the better. Not that they have to like it, but rather to utilize it to their advantage. It becomes something that can and should help drive their departments or organizations forward.


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