How to Build Strength and Success in Uncertain Times



We are fighting a new war, an internal war that threatens us all.

The World Health Organization reports that depression and stress related problems will be the biggest cause of disability IN THE WORLD by 2020 (their original forecast of 2030 has been stepped up by 10 years).   Statistics tell us that someone you know, lead, work for or love is suffering from the physical, emotional and/or cognitive decline attributed to depression and stress related problems. The most common reason for death of men between the ages of 50 and 60 in both the UK and Canada is suicide.

What we are doing is NOT working.

The smartest and fastest among us are dropping like flies.  $10 billion+ a year is spent by American corporations on executive stress related physical and emotional ailments, addictions, burnouts, and breakdowns.  $300 billion+ is the total stress related price tab for the general USA working population. Click here to read about the 5 wolves: the challenges chasing even the best and brightest among us.

I was humbled yesterday to learn that 3Q Leadership Blog is among the Top 25 Leadership and Management blogs, because 3Q is more than a business to me, it is a life calling, a dedication to doing whatever I can to serve the greatest good.  It is a passion that began when I was the first woman CEO in my field, and that continued as I was forced to start my life and career from ground zero two more times.  No one thought I could or would survive, and I surprised them all.  While the crises in my life were something that most people will thankfully never face, they did teach me a skill set that was made for these times.  That skills set was 3Q.  Click here to read why I have devoted my life to 3Q Leadership

Do you believe in the power of human being better not simply doing more than ever before?

I do, and I believe in the power of three strengths (3Q strengths) that helped me and have helped my clients achieve breakthrough results because they are strength we can develop in the face of change, challenges, crises and failures.

Strengths that helped me survive and thrive when thrown from the mountain of success to a dark abyss where my ability to simply survive was in question. While few of you will related to being cast from a very successful business career to the abyss of struggle, I can tell you that it was the best training ground for developing a critical skill set that I believe can help many.  Click here

My next posts will be practical tips you can use to develop Q skills, tips you can integrate in your busy life because you can use the tools, do the exercises in less than 30 minutes a day.  Tips that are simple, powerful and in many instances transformational.

What do YOU think about the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, competition, ambiguity) we live in?

How are you going to develop your best self and help your people or loved ones do the same?

More?  You Betcha!  I am sharing some of the most popular 3Q articles which have had between 30,000 and 60,000 reads. I hope that you will chose topics that speak to you and the content of these articles will be of value.

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