Three Ways to Thrive

How will disruption and turbulence impact your work, your life, your emotional and physical health; your ability to thrive? The World Health Organization tells us that stress and depression will be the leading cause of disability in the world by 2020. Yes, if you are not suffering from anxiety or depression someone you know, lead, work for or love is.  It is time to recognize that default patterns of thinking will not take us forward, times of great change demand leadership that helps us adapt, evolve and thrive.  Read more

You have the power and you are the answer because there is nothing you can buy or learn that will take YOU forward without changing the way you think.  I have run a successful business, been a trailblazer who lived a life many dream of, but I have also faced a litany of challenges (career, business, life, and health) that would have crushed many people.  The most important lesson of all is that only YOU have the keys to the kingdom, only YOU can change your perspective in ways that sustain the faith, hope, courage, integrity, and humanity that can help you keep going, help you survive and thrive. Read more

Here are 3 free steps to help you start thriving in disruptive times.
 Steps I call “Cool Tools” because they take less than 10 minutes.  I have a library of many steps, the following three steps are a great way to start building your 3Q Edge (IQ-EQ-SQ).   Pick ONE step and try it on for size for 7 days.  DO it consistently for a week, and post your results on the blog or send them to me privately (

  1. Cultivate the power of the present moment, build your ability to be in the NOW. Start doing so by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for because we cannot retain negative emotions when feeling grateful.   Appreciate this moment because you are alive, you are here for a purpose that you were meant to fulfill.  Retrain your brain by developing an attitude of gratitude AND developing greater positivity.
  2. Give yourself 90 second window-3 minutes to optimize! Yes, we can all find 3 minutes and if you use these 3 minutes three times a day, you will see positive results within a week. CLICK here to try the PAUSE 3-minute exercise. Science confirms that taking a small amount of time each day to be in prayer, contemplation, meditation or chanting can change your life by making you more resilient, focused, positive driving improved emotional and physical health. (even longevity).
  3. Keep your flame going. Do something to help someone else.  Drown out what’s wrong and feed your ability to contribute by sharing a smile, helping a friend, colleague or a stranger, mentoring a team member.  The smallest things can make a powerful difference in the lives of others, and being of service will also make you feel GOOD.

Life presents us with choices.  Carpe diem, take this moment to recognize your ability to be the difference and make a difference!  Give one of these three tools a try consistently for a week and let me know your results.

Get inspired. Recharge, refocus, repurpose, repower. Build your leadership, communication, career and personal edge in disruptive times!  Find out about 3 to Thrive and other new programs.
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