How to Get Motivated In Disruptive Times

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The imperative to light the fire of human passion, purpose and potential has never been greater.
  You cannot make a fire with dead wood and too many of us are dying. The best and brightest among us are falling victim to a crisis of anxiety and depression the World Health Organizations forecasts will be the leading cause of disability in the world by 2020.  Will you be a stress statistic or a success statistic?

What can make you feel energized, motivated and unstoppable?  What do you need to do to inspire and motivate the best in yourself AND your people?  How can you discover your purpose, ignite your passion and achieve results that take you forward faster, smarter and happier?  I have spent the past 14 years helping people ignite and engage their greatest purpose, potential, and results because I believe with all my heart in our ability to rise to the challenges before us, to get re-motivated by what we CAN do, achieve and contribute.

Discover 11 practical ways to light your fire and re-ignite your motivation.  Get in the know with the master of motivation, Tony Robbins.  Enjoy the following video clip from the archives of social marketing, entrepreneurship guru and author Evan Carmichael who has a  YouTube following of almost 1 million people!
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 I believe that we can rise to the challenges before us by living our purpose, engaging our best nature and developing our ability to adapt, evolve and thrive.  I hope you enjoyed this Motivational  Monday post.  I urge you to visit Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel for great content and to read his terrific book, Your One Word.

How will you light your fire this week?  Which motivational step did you try and how did it work?  Share your experiences on the blog or write to me privately at because sharing is caring!

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Carpe diem, take this moment to recognize your ability to be the difference and make a difference!  Try one of the 11 motivational tools daily for a week and let me know your results!

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