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Negotiating adversity is a critical leadership and life skill.  It is a 3Q skill we must embrace because what we are doing is not working. Read more

Life is “chaotic by virtue of the unprecedented velocity of change, competition, uncertainty, acts of rage and ambiguity we face. The World Health Organization forecasts that anxiety and depression will the major causes of disability in the world by 2020.  Everything is changing and will continue to change. Thinking, communicating and executing differently are critical on an individual, collective and organizational basis.

Here are 7 steps ( 7 practical ways to build your 3Q Edge) seven simple and powerful ways to build your life and leadership edge in disruptive and uncertain times.

1•  Focus on YOUR Greatest Power
Whether you seek to lead your best life, lead your team, organization or country you will need to lead greatly. Leading greatly means enabling YOUR highest power (your Creator, your universe, your G-d, Jesus, Allah or whatever you choose to call your greatest enabler of strength and good/your highest power) because it is the spark plug for your greatest thoughts, actions, and results that build a bridge between all people, all citizens of planet earth. Read more

2•  Ask yourself the right questions and develop a new perspective.
What are YOU doing with your life?  What do YOU really want to achieve? Why is your objective important?  What new personal rituals/habits of thinking can you developing to inspire, empower and engage YOUR best self, best thoughts, best communication, best actions…YOUR greatest contribution?  Realize the power of seeing YOUR story with new eyes Read more

3• Take 3 minutes a day to thrive.  Science confirms that mindfulness is critical to your health, cognition and enabling your potential.  No time to meditate….Try The 3 Minute Pause-Yes, in 3 minutes you can put your brain in an alpha state, develop greater mindfulness and repower!

4•Build self-awareness, the keystone to developing personal leadership and to leading others. How can you build a better stronger relationship with yourself?  How can you build a better stronger relationship with others?  Take time to reflect and build self-awareness and your relationship with yourself because doing so is critical to establishing and building better relationships with others. Find a mentor, coach or counselor who can help you develop this important keystone. Read more

5•  Reset your GPS, get empowered, solution focused and be at your best with  “Cool Tools”, five to ten minute daily rituals that keep you on your A-game, help you reset default patterns of thinking, communicating or doing that no longer work….AND, they will also help you bust toxic stressThese rituals can also help re-set default patterns of thinking, communicating or doing that are keeping you stuck! Yes, in 10 minutes or less a day minutes a day; cool tools are free, effective and can fit into the most hectic schedule.  More info on cool tools?  Email>>irene@justcoachit.com  

6•  Light Your Fire-Inspire Yourself and Others
Feed your mind, your brain, your soul with the intake that inspires, engages and challenges you forward, strengthening your solution focus and positive resolve in these times of turbulence and disruption.  Find a way each day to inspire another person by volunteering your time or simply sharing a smile, a word or gesture that inspires someone else.

7.   Build an edge that will help you engage your greatest potential, peace of mind and success in times of change, challenge or chaosPie in the sky?  Think again, I have dedicated my life to helping others build their 3Q Edge because a whole new world demands a whole new perspective that takes us forward smarter, faster and happier than before. Read more about 3Q benefits/solutions

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