Survive & Thrive in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos-Step 1

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Is it really possible to change your life in 10 minutes or less a day?  Yes!  You can begin to develop your 3Q Edge™  (thinking differently and smarter, feeling and communicating better, tapping into your greatest power and purpose) by taking simple and powerful steps.

Last week I shared 7 ways to survive and thrive in the face of chaos and uncertainty.  Steps that are based on what science tells us and on personal and professional experience as a survivor and thriver, and as a coach, mentor, and guide to many men and women who have reclaimed their ability to adapt, evolve and thrive in the face of volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity.

Today I would like to talk about step one, focusing on your greatest power, because it is the foundation for the 6 transformational steps that follow.  Why is it critical to feel empowered and tap into our higher self?  Because we are living in times of chaos and uncertainty where the potential of human communication, collaboration, technology and science to fix our problems is threatened by the darker side of man. The greatest battle we face is internal and it is a war with greed, power mongering and ego driven actions that have defeated and destroyed every fiefdom, kingdom, empire, and organization in recorded history. Read more

Here are some simple and powerful ways to take step one-tapping into your greatest power that take as little as 10 minutes a day and can change your life (and the lives of others). I call them cool tools because you can do them anywhere you can find a bit of privacy (including the washroom stall or parked by the side of the road).  Cool tools that are portable, practical, powerful and FREE.

Here are 3 Free Cool Tools for Tapping into Your Greatest Power in as little as 10 minutes a day.  Pick a cool tool and persevere because no matter how busy you are you have 10 minutes a day to feed your best self, your greatest power and potential. Pick a cool tool and persevere even if doing so feels strange at first.  Try it, try it again and you will begin to like it!

1.  Feed your mind and soul with music.
  Pick a passage from a book, a poem, a quotation that empowers your best self and read it or recite it 3 times a day.  Ridiculous.  Think again.  You are what you think, and tapping into words that inspire you on a daily basis can change your life.

2.  Feed your mind and soul with song.  Put on your earbuds and take 3 minutes three times a day to zone out by simply listening to music that inspires you.  Listen, don’t think, let go of thoughts, worries or concerns and just focus on the melody you are listening to for three minutes.

3.  Feed your mind and soul with your special moment in time.  Remember a moment when you triumphed, rose to the challenge before you and felt that we were not alone, that a greater hand was guiding you. Reflect on this special time by putting time aside three times a day to close your eyes, open your heart and recall this powerful moment with self-appreciation/love and gratitude.

Yes, these 3 tools are simple, but if used consistently they can make a powerful impact on your life, your career, your happiness, and success.

Can you change your life in ten minutes a day?  The answer is yes, the question is if you have the desire to do so.  Take a ten-minute chance.  Pick a tool that works for you.  We would love to hear about your experience on the blog, or you can share it with me privately at

More?  You Betcha!  You cannot build a fire with wet wood.  It’s important to get inspired!

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