Survive & Thrive in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos-Step 2/7

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Do you want to build your edge in 10 minutes or less a day?  If you answered yes, you will love this 7 part series.  Let’s face it, what we are doing is NOT working. The World Health Organization says that stress, anxiety, and depression will be the major cause of disability in the WORLD by 2020, and this means that you still have time to make sure you are not a stress or disability statistic.

Small consistent steps drive transformational changes. Changes that help you achieve greater meaning, happiness, and success. Steps you can take in as little as ten minutes, and by doing so re-write default patterns of thinking, feeling and executive.

Last week we reviewed Step One-How to tap into your greatest power in 10 minutes a day.  Click to read the post and learn why this step is fundamental to your success and happiness.  

This week we are going to talk about Step Two: Developing a New Perspective in 10 minutes a day.  Yes, you need to develop a new perspective because a  new mindset=new results. Developing a new perspective starts when you stop denying where we are stuck or stalled.  Self-awareness is not only the start of the leadership journey, it is pivotal to our individual and collective happiness and success. Let’s face it, thinking, communicating or executing the way you have in the past cannot and will not take you forward. Realize the power of seeing your story with new eyes, experiencing what typically has you stuck, stalled or frustrated in a new way, from a new perspective that will help you succeed and retain your peace of mind.    Read more

Here are 3 Cool Tools (
3Q exercises that take less than 10 minutes a day) simple, free, practical ways to develop a new perspective (Step 2)

Do not ask what, ask why?  Before you do anything ask yourself why you are doing it. Simon Sinek wrote a brilliant book, a must read, Start With Why. Knowing your “why” will build greater self-awareness and is a linchpin for greater happiness and success.  Click here to watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk, Start With Why.

●Take at least two opportunities to reframe and reinterpret events so that you can start to find new meanings and solutions. Take your initial perspective, depersonalize it and turn it around. Yes, argue for the other side. Take up to ten minutes a day to journal what you have reframed and reinterpreted.

Find one limitation/barrier and decide to transcend it.  If you are uncomfortable making small talk, do just that. If you are always in overdrive, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and slow down.  Perhaps you hate to get up early?  Transcend it by starting the day 15 minutes earlier.  Pick anything you like and transcend it.

Ask yourself the right questions, expand your horizons, empower your best self and improve your ability to develop different perspectives.  Most of all, know that you have the power to make small changes that will drive transformational changes that help you succeed to purpose!

Yes, you can start building your edge in has little as 10 minutes a day.  I did it, my clients have done it and I have dedicated my life to helping others build their 3Q Edge™ because I believe in our individual and collective power to live better lives, build better organizations and contribute to a better world.  Read I Will Not Be Broken-The Call to Build a Better Future

Can you change your life in ten minutes a day?  The answer is yes, the question is if you have the desire to do so.  Take a ten-minute chance.  Pick a cool tool that works for you and use it consistently all week.

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More?  You Betcha!  You cannot build a fire with wet wood.  It’s important to get inspired!

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