Survive and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos-Step 3/7

There is no time like the present to make your life better-and, how can you say no to a step that takes 3 minutes?  
I have done the following exercise 3 times a day for the past 19 years and can tell you that it has taken me through extremely difficult life, health, career, and business challenges.  All my clients to either this exercise or another form of 3-minute mindfulness because surviving and thriving means building all 3 Q skills (intellectual, emotional and spiritual).

3 minutes day?  3 minutes to thrive? Have I gone mad?  No, I’ve gone mindful and so have my clients.  My studies in mindfulness came years after having practiced what I did not realize was mindfulness, but what I recognized as a life changer.  I have been using this life changer for 19 years, and it has consistently helped me through life crises, career crises, difficult negotiations, health problems and just about anything negative or stressful that dropped in my lap.

Try The Pause-A 3 Minute Transformational Exercise

Science confirms that mindfulness is critical to cognition, emotional health, physical health, longevity.  If you are not stressed, someone you know, work for or love is.  Stress erodes cognition, physical and emotional health.  It is the hidden contagion that can break your life, your relationships, your business or career.  Stress is in the air and it is killing too many of us. The best way to stay calm also improves cognition, health, happiness it is a tried and true, science-backed solution and a MUST DO for people who want to survive and thrive!

Take at least 3 minutes a day to thrive because you won’t regret it! Science confirms that mindfulness is critical to cognition, emotional health, physical health, longevity. And, if you want to take your mindfulness practice a step further do this exercise three times a day.  Yes, this cool tool (free, fast, powerful and accomplished in 10 minutes or less) may feel odd at first, but persevere.  Your life, your health, your brilliance, your potential are worth it!

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How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos
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